London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony

The chimes of Big Ben at 2100 marked the start of the close of London 2012

The chimes of Big Ben at 2100 marked the start of the close of London 2012

London 2012 the world's biggest rock concert

London 2012 the world’s biggest rock concert

Spice Girls London 2012 girl power

Spice Girls London 2012 girl power

London 2012 Matt Bellamy of Muse

London 2012 Matt Bellamy of Muse

London 2012 Take That

London 2012 Take That

London 2012 The Who

London 2012 The Who

Britain we did it Right. Thank you. – Seb Coe

A happy and glorious Games. – President of IOC

To be or not the be, that is the question. – William Shakespeare

When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life, – Samuel Johnson

I missed the first couple of minutes.

Woman singing. Never heard of her.

Traffic driving round.? M25? People banging posts and pans?

Let us show the world the worst of the UK pop scene. A poor start.

Stomp, using dustbins for a drum routine. Brilliant.

Clever dance routine to Sgt Pepper. At last some decent music!

Brilliant! Kinks Classic Waterloo Sunset Ray Davies. Third time I have heard in 24 hours!

Black females singer, wonderful voice, awful hairstyle,. No idea who she is.

Entry of flags, followed by athletes. Having the athletes come in through the crowds was clever.

The choice of music was also clever as tied in with the Olympic spirit.

The Dhol Foundation playing drums! I saw them live in June! Excellent dance routine.

Kenya won more medals than all other African countries.

Yorkshire won more medals than Australia!

Wonderful John Lennon Imagine, preceded by Queen. Remastered by Yoko Ono, children mime, face formed on the ground.

Very clever use of graphics to show keyboard around the stadium for George Michael. Brilliant performance George Michael!

Fantastic Pinball Wizard The Who entrance on scooters, Kaiser Chiefs, but why not The Who! We got the a answer later

David Bowie!

English fashion, models on the catwalk.

Amazing entrance Annie Lennox on a flaming boat! Dracula theme.

Fantastic Pink Floyd number. Nick Mason, Mike Rutherford. Wish You Were Here clever on tightrope reproducing the cover.

More Sgt Pepper. Brilliant dance routine.

Great dance routine Fatboy Slim.

Price Tag I assume Jessie J

You should be Dancing Bee Gees classic.

Spice girls enter in London black cab taxis. Thne on top of cabs, whizzing around the tracks. As we have seen with Team GB medals, girl power.

Beady Eye Oasis classic.

More Sgt Pepper Mr Blue Sky. Amazing graphics around the stadium.

What seemed a celebration of musicals, not sure.

From canon man fired, then appears in net.

Muse. No idea who he is Heavy rock, choir, pyrotechnics. Brilliant!

Wonderful, Freddy Mercury. How he is missed. Where did the big screens appear from? Followed by Brian May on guitar as solo intro, then Queen We Will Rock You, with Roger Taylor on drums. Electrifying. Jessie J on vocals.

Brilliant, Usaine Bolt caught doing his trademark stance in the darkness.

Mayor Boris hands over to Rio, now their turn.


Rio was good, and as a stand alone, would have been brilliant, but they had an impossible act to follow. It was like putting the warm-up act on after then main act everyone had come to see.

Excellent closing speech by Seb Coe.

Fine tubes holding the flame slowly lowering.

Just when you think it is over, Take That!

More than 200 ballerinas from Royal Ballet. Breathtaking!

Olympic flame extinguished.

The Who! The last time I saw The Who was not long after they played Woodstock.

What a finale, The Who My Generation with fireworks going off in the Olympic Park.

The fear was, what the Olympics would do to London. What we saw was what London did to the Games!

Absolutely no way should the stadium be used for football. It should be reserved for rock concerts streamed to a global audience.

The Closing Ceremony got off to a poor start, but it was brilliant. Think of a rock concert, then think of a rock concert two orders of magnitude and you get it.

It says a lot, the two bands that had everyone rocking: Queen and The Who!

Strange, I was thinking Imagine John Lennon, then BBC played it at the end with London 2012 highlights. Stunning images.

Before the Games started, there was little support in the country. This was entirely down to the tainting of the Games by corporate sponsorship by companies like McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. Corporate sponsors must be kicked out of the Games.

But once London 2012, opened with the amazing Opening Ceremony, we were all supporters of London 2012.

In Guildford, people queuing at the station wanting to go up to London for the Olympics. A friend Pandora and I wished to go, but could not get a ticket.

Before few were looking forward to London 2012, when it ended everyone was regretting it had ended.

London you did us proud!

And well done Team GB, you did us proud too, third in the medal table.

Rio, you have a very hard act to follow.

BBC are releasing on Blue-Ray and DVD the opening and closing ceremonies and highlights of the London 2012 Games. A must. For Americans forced to endure the absolutely appalling coverage by NBC and absolute must!

#NBCfail censored Kinks front man Ray Davies with his emotional rendition of Waterloo Sunset. What a bunch of arseholes!

And of the legacy. For that we wait and see.

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2 Responses to “London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony”

  1. elli Says:

    who was the guy on the amazing rock guitar backed by a large black choir ? Just amazing but no name given

  2. keithpp Says:

    I think who you are referring to was Muse. Unknown to me. Not someone I had come across before. He started on piano, then changed to guitar.

    The other amazing guy on guitar was Brian May who did an amazing solo on guitar, then joined by Roger Taylor on drums, with Jessie J on vocals for Queen classic We will rock you.

    Then there was Pete Townsend on guitar with Roger Daltrey on vocals with The Who for their classic My Generation for the grand finale with fireworks going off across the Olympic Park.

    #NBCfail cut Muse, much to the annoyance of a US audience (so must be well known there), but what is unbelievable, NBCFail cut The Who!

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