Ant attack

Why is it that ants all appear out of the ground at the same same?

The answer I know not, but today was the day. They were appearing out of the ground in my garden. I went for a walk, sat by a pond, but not for long when I realised it was teeming with ants.

As a child in Skegness on the Lincolnshire East Coast it was the last two weeks in August. In the evening everywhere ants would be coming up out of the pavements.

Whether a different location, further south, or maybe yet another sign of global warming.

Back home, I find I was under ant attack, only in the house, therefore serious.

This happened once a few years ago, and was very easy to deal with. The ants had found overripe fruit sitting waiting for disposal on the compost heap and had decided it was theirs. The solution appeared to be simple, pick up the fruit and dispose of on the compost heap. Only the ants still kept coming. I then realised they were following a trail they had laid down. Careful removal of their trail, left confused ants, and eventually they dispersed.

Today though was a different problem. They were not entering the house in search of overripe fruit, they were coming up out of the ground. A suspended floor I could understand, but this lot were coming up out of a solid floor, or from a solid wall. Chemical attack was out of the question. In the end I resorted to boiling water, which did the trick. I also poured it down the woodwork of a door frame. In the process I discovered a novel way of cleaning painted woodwork.

Last year I had a wasps nest in the garden at the side of the lawn. I saw the queen wasp arrive and thought nothing of it. A few wasps coming out of the ground, but before long an ever growing number and I was in their flight path.

I had what I thought was a brilliant idea. I will flood them out. I filled a watering can and poured it into the entrance of their nest. Out came a swarm of wasps, I was badly stung and ended up in hospital. I was actually only stung by a few wasps, but that was enough, it could have been far worse.

What next? Armed with a can of very powerful wasp destroyer, but how to deliver, as if I annoyed them again, I was the one going to come off worse.

In the end, a truce, I left them alone and they left me alone. In the autumn, as I expected, they all died off.

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