Guildford farmers market

Guildford farmers market: strawberries

Guildford farmers market: strawberries

Now is the best time of year to visit a farmers market, summer leading into autumn. We have the summer fruits, peas and beans, if lucky the first apples and summer squash.

From Celtic Bakers, a loaf of wholemeal bread, flapjacks. Off another stall I had not noticed before carrot cake.

Shock horror, Coca-Cola have hijacked the farmers market. It is bad enough when they hijack the London 2012 Olympic Games. They were handing out sugar free coke. Free of sugar, instead carcinogenic aspartame.

It is not only the Games that have been hijacked. So too the torch relay. When the torch relay passed though Guildford a week before the Olympic Opening Ceremony, there was a big party in Stoke Park, where the weekend before Guilfest was held. Coca-Cola was dictating what could and could not be taken into the park and displayed with a council jobsworth enforcing their diktat. Such the obscenity of corporate sponsored Olympic Games.

From Secrett’s Farm small cucumbers and fresh peas.

I did not expect any apples, last year they were early, but the stall with the apple juice (and now cider) said they did have Discovery earlier on but had sold out. I bought a punnet of plums, similar to Victoria plums but not Victoria.

Discovery are the first apples. Very light and crispy, but do not keep for more than a few days. Not an apple to find in a supermarket.

I had meant to buy strawberries, but forgot.

Lunch in Thai restaurant in Jeffries passage. I would have gone to The Keystone and sat outside, but the Thai was nearer and it had turned cooler and was spitting with rain.

In Food for Thought I bumped into a friend.

Food for Thought occasionally have someone in knocking out strange concoctions, but I had missed it.

A strange concoction had been left, a smoothie, to be exact, strawberry, banana and grape smoothie. That probably would have been ok if some awful muck had not been added, it was disgusting.

There was also raw bounty bars (which luckily we missed). Why anyone would wish to replicate what is not very healthy and can be bought off the shelf I am baffled. Apparently we are next due raw mars bars and snickers bars (I jest not!).

I was though aghast they were dissolving rock salt in water then conning people that diluted down this was an essential drink. Absolutely no way, we have too much salt in our diet. They were sticking two probes in water and then showing that if stuck in the saturated salt solution it was an electrolyte therefore a healthy sports drink! People were led to believe it was the water powering the light bulb. No, it was the salty water, due to the ions from the dissolved salt, acting as a conductor. I pointed out I used to do this as a child with two nails in a jam jar of salty water. £9-99 for a small pack of pink rock salt called Himalaya salt. Salt is salt. There was no breakdown on the packet of the contents, probably illegal.

It is a pity the need is felt to con customers as Food for Thought on the food side is actually a very good shop, selling only quality produce.

It is a sad fact of life that so-called Health Food stores make more money peddling pills and potions for ailments we did not know we had than selling food. Unless you have an existing medical condition or are recovering from an illness, if you have a healthy diet, exercise and fresh air, you do not need these pills and potions. Ironic when the same shops claim to be selling wholesome food.

So-called sports drinks are not drunk by high performance athletes. They are drunk by fat kids who think it is a cool drink. These drinks are anything but healthy.

Salt can be required. Many years ago I was on a mass cycle ride from John o Groats to Lands End. One hundred maybe two hundred people. We had our own vegetarian food, probably vegan, breakfast and supper. No salt. It started off cool, but then turned very hot. Cyclists were collapsing from heat exhaustion. I had an uphill struggle for salt to be added to our food. When it was, no one was collapsing from heat exhaustion.

But normally there is too much salt in our diet. It is a myth we need more salt in hot climates. We do not, our body adjusts, but we do need some salt.

The Romans valued salt, it was paid as wages, hence our word salary.

If you are thirsty, drink water. Coconut water is excellent, but expensive. Fruit juices are excellent too, especially pomegranate juice, but problematic as high in sugar in the form of fructose.

Friend and I then went into Costa for a coffee and a cake (or at least I had a cake). The coffee was disgusting, probably marginally better than Starbucks. I am no great fan of cup cakes, it is the topping that makes them interesting.

First Tuesday of the month used to be Art @ Costa. It was a success, but no longer takes place. No one seems to know why a successful art event no longer takes place.

Totnes in Devon with its own local currency the Totnes Pound and proud of its many independent shops was quite right to oppose a Costa, but the local council ignored the wishes of local people and granted planning consent for a Costa coffee shop.

I just managed to catch a train with a few minutes to spare. Then I remembered why I had intended to go home early, heavy rain was forecast for late afternoon, early evening. It hit as I was on the train, the train driving into the rain. Luckily the train passed through the rain.

Then bus. I almost missed the bus as I popped into a shop to get a voucher to top up a mobile phone, picked up very fresh sweetcorn, then as I walked to catch the bus, realised the girl had not given me a top-up voucher.

Few people know how to cook sweetcorn. A pan of boiling water (not salted). Drop in the sweetcorn, keep turning around, cooked within a couple of minutes. Serve hot as a starter with lashings of butter.

Sweetcorn must be very fresh, the green green, not dried and papery. Ideally picked and straight in the pot.

Walking from the bus, fine drizzle.

Guildford farmers market takes place in Guildford in the cobbled High Street on the first Tuesday of the month.

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  1. keithpp Says:

    strawberry, banana and grape smoothie


    handful of strawberries
    handful of grapes
    handful of inca berries
    tablespoon of chia seeds
    tablespoon of maca powder
    tablespoon of sun-worrier protein powder


    Churn up in a blender, add some ice and serve.

    I do not recommend as disgusting.

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