Uganda Sings

Uganda Sings

UgandaSpeaks is grassroots voices in Uganda speaking on Uganda. It provides an interesting perspective on Uganda to the one we normally see and hear, if we see and hear at all.

Uganda Sings is a music collaboration involving some of the most talented musicians in Uganda. Five musicians contributed two songs each to the album.

Uganda Sings commemorates the golden anniversary of Uganda’s independence (1962-2012).

Proceeds from the sales of the music will benefit Uganda Speaks. The initiative is an online social media project founded by Ugandans to take back the global narrative about Uganda. It will allow Ugandans to share stories with the world from their own perspective using their own words and images.

The collection of songs takes the listener on a musical journey through Uganda. The diversity of artistic styles cover subjects that are uniquely Ugandan. The album begins and ends with songs about cities. In between are songs about relationships, struggles, and the natural beauty of Uganda.

Unfortunately Uganda Sings has not been releaased on bandcamp. An oversight which hopefully will be corrected if they wish to reach maximum exposure.

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