Rush Hour by The Ged Brockie Band

As I noted with I Have a Story To Tell I am no great lover of jazz. To me it is all of a sameness and were I to listen I would fall asleep of boredom.

There are though exceptions. For example Long Pair Bond Icelandic jazz from Sunna Gunnlaugs is an absolute must listen. Although Rush Hour is more mainstream jazz than I Have a Story To Tell I find I still like it.

Does this mean I am becoming a jazz lover? Absolutely no way.

The Ged Brockie Band make good use of youtube and I am pleased to learn they are busy uploading their albums to bandcamp which should be available to listen to, share, download, any day soon.

I have yet to understand why any band does not put their music on bandcamp. If they are not aware of bandcamp, that is fair comment, but if they are aware it is perverse. Maybe they like being ripped off, like their friends to hear lofi samples, like to wallow in obscurity.

The Ged Brockie Band will be touring across Scotland and England in March-April 2013.

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