Chris Skillicorn-Aston @ The Barn

painting by Chris Skillicorn-Aston

painting by Chris Skillicorn-Aston

I popped in The Barn to see if there was anything to eat. Yes, there was and I had falafel in pita bread served with a Greek salad. To wash it down, a can of Red Stripe, a Jamaican lager (though brewed in the UK).

Whilst there I caught an art exhibition by Chris Skillicorn-Aston that was about to be dismantled.

H P Lovecraft a strong theme running through much, though not all, of the work.

This was all that was left of a larger exhibition that had been on all week, Brian Sewell and friends.

The Barn is a cultural centre in Farnham, literally a barn, hidden down a courtyard. It is easy to walk by and miss it. It is located between the Lion and Lamb Courtyard and Castle Street. If coming up Downing Street, it is almost opposite, slightly to the right.

Top Story The Digital Mission Daily (Friday 28 September 2012).


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2 Responses to “Chris Skillicorn-Aston @ The Barn”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Detail from a painting of an archer was used as the cover art for The Way of the Bow audio book.

  2. keithpp Says:

    The Way of The Bow
    View at

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