Aldershot Live Music Day

Aldershot live music day

Aldershot live music day

Aldershot music festival: three stages, 25 acts.

It was either clever planning to have two music festivals on the same day or crass stupidity.

I dropped in Aldershot on my way to Farnham, thinking take a look at the music festival.

There was nothing on. It had finished at 4pm!

I find it unbelievable that a music festival should finish at 4pm.

The publicity for the event was abysmal.

I was in Aldershot Monday, no mention of a music event.

I was in Aldershot on Thursday, a few posters outside Princess Hall, nothing in the town centre.

I asked, was anyone aware of a music festival in Aldershot. No one was.

The West End Centre, albeit not their festival, had not put out anything on twitter. This not surprising as their use of twitter is dysfunctional to say the least. Friday night, I trawled through their tweets. It had been mentioned that day, but only as an afterthought to their own festival, and likely to be missed (I was looking).

Saturday afternoon I found a helpful young lady taking down street posters and putting them in a bin. Not the norm for Aldershot where rubbish is normally thrown in the street. I asked her when the posters went up. She said that morning.

I suspect the only people who knew about the street music festival were those who happened to be in Aldershot and those who were brought in by the performers through their own contacts.

I spoke with people Friday and Saturday outside of Aldershot who are involved with music and usually know what is going on locally. I asked were they aware of a day long street music festival in Aldershot? The answer was no.

It is depressing when trouble is taken to organise a music event, especially in the cultural wasteland of Aldershot, and no effort is then made to publicise. And it is crass stupidity to have such an event and it finishes at 4pm.

If the intention was, as I was told, to bring people into a dying town centre, then it failed abysmally as you cannot bring people into something they know nothing about.

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