Lunch at The Keystone

fish cakes with a little greenery

fish cakes with a little greenery

wall mural dog on a skateboard

wall mural dog on a skateboard

It was a pleasant day. I decided lunch at The Keystone was in order as I could sit outside in their back courtyard overlooking St Nicolas Church.

I was though a little concerned as what to expect as I had been reading bad reports on TripAdvisor. I had not eaten there since last year. The food had always been good. Had they changed hands?

I asked. No, they said, same owners.

I mentioned the bad reviews. They were aware and very concerned. They thought maybe rival pubs doing them down.

Maybe, but from the tone, I suspect trolls.

I ordered fish cakes and a half a pint of Alton Pride.

The fish cakes were delicious, served with a little greenery, with something on it, possibly olive oil.

The food is freshly prepared, hence sometimes a wait. Not like most pubs, white chiller van hotted up.

I ate outside where it was pleasantly quiet.

I wish though they would make the back non-smoking. Smokers can always sit out the front, and enjoy the traffic fumes.

Keystone has books to borrow. I have in the past donated books. The walls are used as exhibition space for artists. I did not think much of what was on display. Eden People use it for evening meetings. I think the next meeting is sometime towards the end of July.

The last few years the Guildford Book Festival has been an unmitigated disaster. I am hoping that this year The Keystone get their act together and run an alternative book festival. They expressed an interest last year, but nothing came of it.

I thought of spending the afternoon in Godalming, but the bus driver told me Godalming was closed due to Olympic torch relay, and so I remained in Guildford.

Later I saw the Olympic torch relay in Guildford.

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