Yet more nonsense on the demise of the music industry

Dr Dre claims internet is destroying music

Dr Dre claims internet is destroying music

In an opinion piece, more like a garbage piece, in The Guardian, Dr Dre a rapper claims there will be no more rappers.

His rationale for this claim, and it would be no great loss if there were no more rappers, is that the EU threw out Acta, which in effect has killed it stone dead.

First Sopa and Pipa were killed, then their offspring that sprang up from the corpse even more draconian but thanks to the European Parliament it too has been killed stone dead.

Now according to Dr Dre

History is strewn with moments when politicians made swift decisions that led to disastrous consequences. One such moment has just occurred. In throwing out the Acta (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) bill on Wednesday, MEPs in the European parliament have unwittingly signed their countries up for a future in which internet piracy will lead to the decline of film, the novel, journalism and music on an industrial scale.

He then goes on to claim he is not scaremongering.

Is it not strange, those who claim not to be scaremongering always do just that.

According to this rapper, and yes, I am aware rappers are not exactly known for their intellect, music is in terminal decline, as is the film industry.

He claims consumers are hooked on the next short term fix. Sound a bit like rappers to me, or global corporations.

Since when has big record labels been interested in in nurturing talent? They are after the next big hit. Hollywood the latest blockbuster. Publishing the next best seller.

Only a couple of days ago I had lunch with a film director who had spent several years in Hollywood, had worked at the BBC. He said with Hollywood it was the enxt big blockbuster, at the BBC you would not get to produce what only a few years ago was possible, it wa sall about bums on seats.

Plucking a figure out of the air, ie made up, 70% of the material on youtube is in breach of copyright.

Now what exactly does that mean? It means the copyright holder says it is.

But what does it actually mean in practice? It mean someone who likes a piece of music has posted it on youtube. Now has anyone lost out, has anyone been killed? No, but people are made aware of a piece of music they may not have been aware of .

The internet is a sub culture that preys on creative artists.

Where do people get this garbage from?

The music industry is not dying. The big global record labels are dying.

I would urge everyone to never again buy music from the big global record labels. Let us kill them off and put them out of their misery.

Why should I or anyone else wish to buy music from companies that screw the musicians screw those who like their music, who try to criminalise people who like music.

Music is not dying, it is the big record labels that are dying.

Sales of shiny bits of circular plastic that have music have slumped. The total sales of shiny bits of plastic with film, music and computer games have not slumped.

The major record labels promote garbage, have massive marketing budgets to promote garbage.

Bandcamp has just passed the amazing milestone of $20 million into the pockets of musicians at grass roots.

Looking on bandcamp I found 800 albums under the category of hip-hop/rap. Now that does not sound like a musical genre that is about to doe any day soon.

Crowd sourcing is helping to fund a lot of music. Fans are willing to put their hands into their pockets when asked and help fund a new album.

If musicians are not embracing what the internet and social media has to offer they have only themselves to blame (or maybe their record labels who do not wish them to see).

I am amazed how many musicians are still lost in a world of record labels and record shops, the label tells them they will handle the distribution.

When did you last see a record shop? And I mean a real record shop, not a chain where they know nothing about music.

Musicians at best make a half-hearted nod to the net and that is it.

For how many can you listen to their entire album on-line, can share, if you wish to buy, how easy is it to download?

Paul Kingsnorth, who a decade ago wrote intelligent articles in The Ecologist, defended the garbage piece. He saw it as us and them.

If you see it as us and them, then you are doomed from the start as you have an attitude problem.

He claimed he had a right to be paid as a writer, to be paid for his labour. He has no such rights.

He has the right to write. He does not have the right to be paid. Only we have the right to decide whether or not he should get paid.

Sheet music destroyed music, radio and the gramophone the concert hall. Or so it was claimed, much as today it is claimed the internet is destroying music. Each is a disruptive technology. It changes, not destroys.

Musicians play music because they love music. If that makes people happy, that is great. If they can earn a living doing it, even better, but is is not a right to earn a living from what you enjoy doing.


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