Manuscrito encontrado em Accra

Manuscrito encontrado em Accra

Manuscrito encontrado em Accra

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One of the most important archaeological and historical finds in recent times was the Nag Hammadi find. It was a collection of manuscripts that shed important light on early Christianity.

The find contained several early gospels, one of the most important of which was the Gospel of Thomas from which Matthew, Mark and Luke drew. These early gospels were ruled heretical and destroyed, often only fragments remain. That is why the Nag Hammadi find was so important, as these early gospels were believed to be lost forever.

Manuscrito encontrado em Accra is published in Brazil this month. It will be published in the rest of the world from November 2012 onwards.

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One Response to “Manuscrito encontrado em Accra”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Manuscript Found in Accra is available in Spain, Greece, Cyprus.

    It will be published in UK (I think US too) 28 March 2013. Many bookshops in England already have on sale as they have received copies from the publisher, and the publisher neglected to set an embargo.

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