Bus passengers left stranded for one and a half hours

stagecoach gold diversion passing the Swan

stagecoach gold diversion passing the Swan

But for the grace of God I was not left stranded, but I could have been.

I was on the main Farnborough Road (A325) when a No 1 bus came by.

Strange, thought I, must be on its way to the depot. Only I noticed passengers on board. Maybe a one off. Then along came another, then another. Must be a diversion.

Had I not diverted to the main road and walked instead to a bus stop, I would be waiting for a non-existent bus, left wondering why no buses.

I walked into Farnborough to catch a bus. I saw one coming and picked it up outside the Farnborough Technical College, only to be told by the bus driver I was lucky to be picked up as it was not a bus stop. If it looks like a bus stop, it is reasonable to assume it is a bus stop but apparently we have fake bus stops.

The driver told me the bus was non-stop to Aldershot.

I asked what would have happened if I had tried to catch the bus part way along its route. Apparently it was my fault for not knowing the road was blocked either end.

I pointed out to the driver there had been nothing at the bus stops to say no buses running nothing on the buses.

The driver told me it was not the responsibility of the bus company to inform its passengers.

On my way back that night, I asked a more cooperative driver what was going on. I was told that contrary to what I had been told earlier it had not been known all week the road would be blocked and the buses taking an alternative route. The driver had only been told to take an alternative route on leaving the bus station.

Some passengers I learnt had been waiting an hour and a half for a bus!

Whilst it may well have been the council or police diverting the buses as a result of the Farnborough International Airshow, if there was advance notice of this, the bus company should have informed the passengers of the diversion and that the buses would not be running along their normal route.

I had travelled the route several times during the week and seen no information on a diversion. Had I not been on the main Farnborough Road and seen the diverted buses, I too would have been left stranded.

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (17 July 2012).


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