Afternoon in Farnham

All it does is rain. Today was no exception. I cannot recall whether or not it was raining all night. It was raining all morning, heavy rain. Flood warnings. It was cold. Eventually it stopped.

I was on my way to Farnham for a concert in the evening. I did not want to be in Farnham too early else I would be wandering around in the cold and wet all afternoon. As it was I set off later then I wished.

As I left the the house I heard the Red Arrows fly overhead. I thought I would divert, walk to the main road and watch the flying.

It was fortunate I did, as the bus I had to catch to Aldershot, to then catch the train to Farnham passed by. Strange I thought, it is not on its route, maybe on its way to the depot. But no, passengers in board. Maybe a one off. But no, another, then another. The buses were being diverted.

I walked into Farnborough, caught a bus outside the Technical College. The driver stopped, informed me it was not a bus stop. If it looks like a bus stop, it must be a bus stop. But no a fake bus stop.

I then asked the driver how was I to have caught the bus if not running along its normal route. He told me there were big signs either end of the road saying the road was blocked, had been there all week, why had I not seen them.

I patiently explained to the driver that may be so, as how else would traffic know the road was blocked, but if your are part way along the road, how would you know?

But apparently it was my fault for not knowing, even though I had been on this route several times during the week, seen nothing either at the bus stops or on the bus.

According to the bus driver it was not for the bus company to inform passengers.

I arrived at Aldershot station, three minutes to spare, caught the train to Aldershot.

It was now 5pm. Far later than I had wished, but then had I not left the house late, gone on a diversion, I would still be waiting at the bus stop wondering why no buses.

Farnham is a pleasant market town, the River Wey flows through, it has castle, church, former Bishop’s Palace, lots of lovely old pubs old buildings, little alleyways, courtyard.

Where to eat. I nearly ate in Vienna Restauarnt, but then I popped in The Barn. This literally is an old barn. It is hidden in a courtyard, walk by and blink, and you miss it.

I had looked in on a previous visit to Farnham, a little cultural centre, upstairs music, art exhibitions, yoga. They serve food, when they run out, that is it. The guy behind the bar said they still had something left.

It was not really to my liking, a falafel burger, but it was ok. The falafel was good. But far better than the so-called gourmet burgers at the Mulberry which are disgusting and the service appalling.

We had a long chat about music, bandcamp, record labels, Paulo Coelho (he was a big fan). A girl came an joined in, told me she was about to release a single (I asked why not an album?), asked did I wish to see her artwork. I said yes, some of which was quite good.

By now it was time to be up at St Thomas-in-the-Bourne where I wished to be for a concert, a performance of The Creation by Haydn.

As I had no idea where I was going, I walked into Castle Street and caught a taxi.

St Thomas-in-the-Bourne seems a relatively modern church, quite impressive grounds.

The concert was excellent. Now how to get back to Farnham Station.

I had no idea of the way. It was a long walk in the rain, down what at first was an unlit country lane. I had no idea if I was going the right way. It was light drizzle, not cold. I somehow found my way to the station. Once I realised I was not going to make the train, I slowed my pace. I missed a train by about ten minutes.

The train arrives at Aldershot Station a couple of minutes after the bus leaves. Another half an hour wait.

I chat to the bus driver and learn I had been told a load of rubbish earlier in the day. The first the bus driver knew of the diversion was on leaving the bus station.


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