Strange case of synchronicity

Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer. — Carl Jung

Synchronicity has strange behaviour. Events are clustered in time and space.

Early today I had the company of Russians on my way to Guildford. I then put them on the London train as that is where they wished to be. Some fool had sent them on a roundabout way to London.

They were from Moscow, and I was very pleased when they offered to take a book for me to a friend. She will be pleased as it is a signed copy of Aleph. She had asked me for a copy of Aleph. It was her birthday, and I have been negligent in giving her a present.

Excellent lunch at the Guildford Institute. I then popped down to the library.

One of the librarians (all volunteers, and all always very helpful), proudly showed me a book they had just been donated on stained glass. A huge coffee table book, but sadly I cannot recall the title.

I expected it to be of the stained glass windows for which England is justly famous. It was not, it was of stained glass worldwide, but also of glass, not just stained glass windows.

Once I saw this, I mentioned a piece of glass I had picked up from Finland and remarked how Sweden and Finland were renowned for their quality glass.

As I said this the book fell open at a page, and there was the very piece of glass I was talking about, the image was from Christie’s!

I also mentioned a piece of glass I picked up last year. It was Swedish, or at least I believe it to be. The shop had no idea what it was they had.

The only way I could describe the glass I had from Finland, was that it was like ice. Exactly the same description in the book.

I then mentioned there was a very famous piece of stained glass in Guildford, in Abbot’s Hospital.

Prior to lunch I had hoped to find a copy of Aleph, but no luck.

In one bookshop, I spoke with a Greek girl, who the previous week I had directed her to where she could find information on Paulo Coelho. I then apologised for not telling her of the video conference Paulo Coelho did the previous week, but said she could still watch.

Onward with my search. No Aleph, but I did find a copy of The Alchemist, which I bought.

As I was buying, a Spanish lady spoke to me. Portuguese? I corrected her no Brazilian, but he writes in Portuguese.

She then told me her daughter taught Paulo Coelho.

This surprised me as I did not think anywhere taught Paulo Coelho. Though as I write, I did not so long ago meet someone who had one of his books on their course as a set book.

Where, I asked?

Sheffield University, she teaches Portuguese.

She was then surprised when I told her both my nieces studied at Sheffield University.

She told me she was from Santiago de Compostella.

Ah yes, I said, El Camino de Santiago. She suggested I walked it, got my book stamped.

She explained few pilgrims walked the route in modern times, now many.

Yes, I replied, could be because Paulo Coelho walked the pilgrimage and wrote of his experience in The Pilgrimage, and then wrote The Alchemist. If you walk the route you give something back

The two Russians I met told me of how much they liked the works of Paulo Coelho, how popular and much loved he was in Russia.

The Alchemist I will give to them as a present, to say thanks for doing me a big favour.


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