Loss of Stagecoach Gold bus service to London Olympics

Goldline luxury bus service ...

Goldline luxury bus service …

... but not during London 2012 Olympics

… but not during London 2012 Olympics

The No 1 bus Aldershot – Farnborough – Camberley the Goldline, boasts a luxury coach.

Not though during the London 2012 Olympics. Whilst the Olympics are on, July to September, the coaches used on the No 1 bus route are to be taken up to London and used to transport athletes and the world’s media. Clapped out buses will serve as replacements.

But it is not only Aldershot – Farnborough – Camberley, across Hampshire buses are being withdrawn to service the Olympics.

This is completely unacceptable. Will the bus companies be receiving their public transport subsidy during this period when the public will be receiving an inferior service?

Passengers will be paying for what is claimed to be a premium service, Stagecoach Gold, only that is not what they will be getting.

Not surprising passengers are none too happy.

Will there be a less frequent service? Do passengers get a fare reduction?

This is something individual councillors and councils must be raising with the bus companies.

It is yet another example of the costs of the unwanted London 2012 Olympics.

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Friday 6 July 2012).

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