Shocking racial abuse of Jemima Khan

Wonder if “Racism is vile but…” is a bit like, “Many of my best friends are…” (@VictoriaPeckham ?) — Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan a couple of days ago posted a fairly innocuous comment on twitter …

Overheard last night at 3am: Muslim teen (mine) to Irish teen. “You don’t have to get drunk to have a good time at a party, you know?”

I would agree with the comment of her son to Irish pisshead, you do not have to get drunk to enjoy yourself.

Guildford on a Friday and Saturday night becomes a no-go area as drunken thugs roam the town centre looking for trouble.

The same scenario repeated at weekends in towns and cities across the country.

What was unexpected was the response she got (though maybe not to her).

The response was a torrent of racial abuse. Some of which she retweeted so others could witness what she was receiving.

She then had to tweet these were not her views. There must be some dumb people around.

One troll accused her of being a paedophile (not sure where that came from).

Trolls are a pain. My advise is always ignore, report and block for spam.

Never respond to trolls, it only serves to inflate their self importance.

But this went way way beyond the usual abuse from trolls.

Hate crime, racial abuse, harassment, are all a criminal offense.

My advise to Jemima was that she must report to the police.

Those were were sending the abuse from what they were saying must have thought her to be Pakistani from her name. She is not, she is posh, middle class white English.

One of the trolls, who was then blocked, was a columnist on The Times!

What on EARTH is your problem? I’m blocking you as you’re just an angry troll dressed up as an intellectual.

No because you have been attacking me/ sanctimoniously judging for over a year and it’s nasty, bullying and dull.

Unbelievable patronising tweet from the troll on The Times:

The racism was vile. But your initial tweet about your son was insufferably smug & deliberate troll-feeding.

To call her an intellectual is to devalue the meaning of intellectual. She is just a hack who works for the evil Murdoch Empire.

I am hoping Jemima writes of what happened in the New Statesman so others can see what she was subject to, though maybe if there is a criminal investigation under way (which I hope there is) not possible.

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