Something Fierce

Something Fierce Vol I

Something Fierce Vol I

Something Fierce Vol II

Something Fierce Vol II

A two volume album of mainly acoustic guitar and vocals, singer-songwriter Marian Call is very reminiscent of Joni Mitchell.

At first I did not like because of the first track. No problem musically, but badly recorded, opens with a guitar way off to the left

A mix of what I would call Cabaret style to what is more like folk.

I was listening last night into the early hours of the morning.

Funded through crowd sourcing.

Latest project, a live album recorded on a European tour, raised the funding in ten minutes!

Who says crowd sourcing, community supported music, does not work?

I am no great fan of digital music. I prefer to have something tangible in my hand.

But as Imogen Heap has shown, digital music is more than a track ripped off a CD. It is a different medium to be explored.

Marian Call shows that too.

She provides a link to a photo album. Effectively liner notes and pictures.

She provides a link to a wordpress blog where you can find the lyrics and more information on each song.

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