Lunch at the Guildford Institute

delicious chickpea bake and salad

delicious chickpea bake and salad

scrumptious desert

scrumptious desert

For the first Friday in about a month, it was not cold and raining.

I decided therefore to visit Guildford for lunch at the Guildford Institute.

The day started off quite cool, and I thought it was probably going to be yet another cold, wet day, but it turned out quite warm, pleasant and sunny.

The High Street lined with stalls. A Craft Fair, part of the Guildford Summer Festival. Most of the stalls overpriced tat, but one or too worth looking at. The Project Peru stall had quite colourful wares. A nearby stall interesting stuff carved from wood, but my favourite a basket of carved wooden ducks.

I picked up a programme for the summer festival from the Tourist Information Office at Guildford House. I flipped through it after lunch. Very depressing, not a single thing worth going to, but at least to their credit they do run a summer festival.

Friday lunch at the Guildford Instute is always worth looking forward to. The last few times I have found the food has either run out or almost with little choice left. This time not too bad a choice. Often hard to decide.

I had chickpea bake plus salad. It was delicious.

For desert some type of lemon pie. Not sure what it was called, but it too was delicious. I added cream.

I had a meal deal, main course and desert which comes with a complimentary glass of fruit juice.

If you want tea or coffee it is extra.

In addition to excellent food being served, also a free exhibition space for local artists. Currently Diversity in Watercolour, though very badly presented with glass and plastic sheeting hiding the watercolours.

Wandering down the High Street after lunch I came across two young musicians, one on acoustic guitar and the other on saxophone playing in the street. I signed them to Any And All Records, the world’s fastest growing record label.

For Friday lunch, the Guildford Institute is one of the best places to eat in Guildford. For vegetarians, the only place to eat in Guildford.

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Sunday 1 July 2012).

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Monday 1 July 2012).

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