Diversity in watercolour

Under the Clock, Guildford High Street

Under the Clock, Guildford High Street

Peaceful Venice

Peaceful Venice

An exhibition of watercolours by David Harmer at the Guildford Institute in Guildford.

Lack of presentational skills!

Framed paintings covered in glass, unable to see clearly due to reflections.

Unframed paintings even worse, covered in crumpled up plastic.

No information on artist, no contact details.

Only one copy of a sheet of paper giving minimal information on the paintings, nothing on the artist. I had to ask the Guildford Institute to run me off a copy, which they kindly did.

I was baffled why by each group of watercolours was a notice telling me these were original watercolours.

The bandcamp model: Guildford Institute provides free exhibition space. The artists pay commission for use of the space on the work they sell.

Synchronicity: My eye was caught by a painting of Venice, where I had recently been, a Swedish friend (who used to live just outside Guildford) more recently. Venice features in The Fire, the sequel to The Eight, which I am currently reading.

Synchronicity: A lady was sat beneath one of the paintings of Venice discussing the positional notation of numbers. This was introduced into Baghdad from India. It is discussed in The Fire, the sequel to The Eight, which I am currently reading.

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3 Responses to “Diversity in watercolour”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Unbelievable childish behaviour by the staff at the Guildford Institute.

    The visitor’s book at the Guildford Institute has been censored!

    Apparently visitors are not allowed to comment that is is difficult to see the watercolours due to the refection off the glass and crumpled plastic.

    The book was then removed to prevent any further comments!

    The staff are making themselves a laughing stock.

    The Guildford Institute has a facebook page. No comments allowed there either. It simply would not do for critical comments to appear that others may see (and agree with).

    They used to post on their facebook page what was on, but would appear to be too much trouble as nothing, and what was there for past events appears to have been deleted

    Maybe they need to be reminded that the Guildford Institute is a charity founded in 1834 to serve the local community.

  2. David Harmer Says:

    I sold the Venice painting at that show probably due to your publicity
    Thanks for that

  3. keithpp Says:

    Pleased to hear you sold a painting.

    From what I recall, excellent watercolours, sadly very badly presented.

    Maybe that’s why artists need galleries and showrooms, they lack the presentational skills.

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