Any And All Records

Any And All Records

Any And All Records

my latest 'signing' to Any And All Records

my latest ‘signing’ to Any And All Records

The idea of labelling ourselves (or other people) as ‘unsigned’ is about as useful as describing us as ‘untall’ . -– Steve Lawson

Dear music schools, my bio now includes ‘co-founder of the world’s fastest growing record label’. More reasons to book a guest lecture. — Steve Lawson

I signed two young lads to a music label this afternoon!

Last weekend Andrew Dubber and Steve Lawson had a brilliant idea: Why not create a record label for unsigned artists?

By the end of the weekend they had signed over a hundred artists.

 Any And All Records is the world’s fastest growing record label.

It gets around the paradox of those artists who recognise they do not need a record label of then being stuck in a ghetto with the label unsigned.

But does this not mean they are signing rubbish?

Far from it.

Live So Far – Steve Lawson

Put up or shut up – another cultural landslide

Motive and Opportunity – Eilis Phillips

More music can be found on the Any And All Records page on bandcamp.

Any And All Records is an excellent example of community supported music!

There are two places to be: twitter and bandcamp.

It is more important to be on twitter than a record label.

But it is equally important to make effective use of twitter and other social media.

If you are on bandcamp, people can easily share your music.

Hence my ‘signing’ to Any And All Records today.

And my advice to my new signings:

If you are playing in the High Street in Guildford, then tweet that you are there.

And that is where I found them. Playing in Guildford High Street. And why were they playing there? Because it was fun.

They were playing during the Craft Fair, part of the Guildford Summer Festival (1 June – 1 August 2012).

 Any And All Records is a New Music Strategies project.

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2 Responses to “ Any And All Records”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Interesting discussion between Andrew Dubber and Steve Lawson on record labels and their rationale for establishing Any And All Records.

  2. keithpp Says:

    What do record labels exist for?

    Using internet and social media

    Want A Record Deal? Sign Yourself To Any And All Records

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