Put up or shut up

Put up or shut up

Put up or shut up

You will either love this or hate it. I love it. Post-genre, no prisoners taken, what more can I say.

Put up or shut up is a sneak preview of what may or may not be released this summer.

And to download it is completely free, no strings attached.

Another cultural landslide are signed to Any and All Records.

I am very much reminded of Jacob’s Stories.

Top Story in EveryBodyGo2guy #tweets Daily (Thursday 28 June 2012).

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One Response to “Put up or shut up”

  1. anothercultland (@anothercultland) Says:

    Wow. This was quite unexpected. And thank you for your kind words, Keith.

    By the way: there’s no “may or may not” about it – “last days last days” (our new album) WILL be released in around 6 weeks. (Knock on wood.)

    And, as usual, it will be free to all. (That’s just how we do things.)

    Not only are we happy you’ve found us, we’re truly grateful to you for sharing us with your readers.

    Thank you again.

    kirk & wendy, aka acl, aka another cultural landslide

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