Clearing the undergrowth

clearing the undergrowth

clearing the undergrowth

grass yet to be cut

grass yet to be cut

Grass has been cut on hands and knees with a pair of garden shears, then mowed. Now for the last couple of days a start has been made on clearing the undergrowth.

Today the first hot day, maybe 28C, maybe will hit 30C.

It is a shock when you learn that people who do not have the appearance of being fat or overweight, have a large amount of internal fat.

On You and Yours lunchtime today, the need for 22 minutes of exercise every day. Suggestions please on how to?

Try half an hour or more working in the garden.

For two and a half weeks, every morning one to two hours in the garden.

Try walking and cycling, not use a car. Go for walks in the countryside.

The last few evenings I have been able to enjoy the spoils of my labour, sit in the garden reading The Fire, sequel to The Eight. Peaceful and quiet as though sitting in a woodland clearing.

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