I Have a Story To Tell

I am no great lover of jazz, at least not the boring jazz that all sounds the same, the same cliché riddled sameness, but I Have a Story To Tell from the Ged Brockie Band I have to admit I like.

Ged Brockie writes a blog how to promote music. Which makes it all the more baffling why put his music on Reverbnation, about as bad as putting on myspace. If he is serious, he would be on bandcamp.

If you want to learn about promoting music, read what is writ here, or what better advice can I give than read Andrew Dubber and Steve Lawson, both who write excellent blogs on music. Heed their advice and you cannot go far wrong. They actually know what they are talking about.

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4 Responses to “I Have a Story To Tell”

  1. bandpromotionhowidoit Says:

    Hi and thanks for blogging on our band and getting the word out to others. We are serious and we have now signed up to Bandcamp. So little time, so many sites to sign up to! Best

  2. keithpp Says:

    Great news to hear you are signed up to bandcamp. Except one problem, I cannot find The Ged Brockie Band on bandcamp!

    Bandcamp is the one place to be, you can forget the rest, A twitter account is essential too.

    But I notice website is still forcing visitors to go to iTunes or fill out a form to download lofi mp3 via e-mail.

    Bandcamp should be there on the home page with a media player. Visitors can then listen, if they like, share and download. Anyone who downloads from bandcamp, you will automatically get their e-mail address and loads of useful statistics.

    Never waste time reinventing an inferior wheel or using inferior download platforms that rip of not only the band but also those who may like the music.



    • bandpromotionhowidoit Says:

      Hi Keith, thanks for the info, I am at currently putting all our music up on Bandcamp. I will then put this up on the site. Also, we do have a Twitter account and it’s doing well with around 650 people now following us and building. Thanks for the support, we will be touring across Scotland and England in March/April next year…hopefully see you at one of the gigs! Best Ged

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