A walk to Caesar’s Camp

a walk to Caesar's Camp

a walk to Caesar’s Camp

Technology is not an alternative to real life. It’s Saturday, go take a walk! — Paulo Coelho

Caesar’s Camp is located approximately midway between Aldershot and Farnborough on the Surrey-Hampshire border.

There is no known connection between the Romans let alone Caesar. It is located on a buff overlooking the Blackwater Valley. If you look hard enough you can find the remains of an Iron Age hill fort. It is one of several Iron Age hill forts to be found in southern England, all of which are known locally as Caesar’s Camp.

The area is one of hills and heathland, the flora gorse, heather and bracken, open grassland and patches of woodland, oak and Scots Pine.

I was with two dogs. We climbed as high as the spring line, but no further. We then tried walking along a leat but since I had last been up here, the leat had fallen into disuse and was very overgrown. I was only wearing sandals, not suitable footwear, slipped and fell.

On the the spring line is peat bogs. The peat bogs were carpeted in cotton grass. This is about as far east as cotton grass grows in England. I am aware of a location not far east of where we were.

We also found a few orchids.

Today it was cold and grey, strong gale blowing and clouds threatening heavy rain.

July-August these hills will be purple, carpeted in heather in flower.

I did not climb to the top to Caesar’s Camp. Had I done so, on a clear day it is possible to see as far as London. It is even possible to see Wembley Stadium.

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