Artists need a little more than a viral video to succeed

99.9% of writers who complain about “piracy” in internet NEVER had any book “pirated”. – Paulo Coelho

While you were sleeping, Amanda Palmer built an army. – Sean Francis

Music is not a product, it is an art form.

It is treating music as a commodity that has got us in the mess we are now in.

For the major record labels music is a commodity, the next big hit, no nurturing of talent. They could just as easily be selling baked beans.

Once again we are seeing the confusion between price and value.

How do we value the time composing a piece? How do we value the price someone gets from listening to it.

The CD or LP or bits in a download are the carrier. They are not the sounds we hear.

If someone says social networking does not help creative artist he is a clueless idiot, probably a brainwashed patsy for the big record labels, who does not know what he is talking about.

I have never heard so much gibberish as that spouted by Billy Corgan in a video interview for mashable. He has not a clue about social media. He lumps spotify, myspace, twitter and blogs together. He also confuses the major record labels with the music industry.

The only two that matter are twitter and blogs.

The major record labels are an aberration, and that is why they are dying. They operate on a 90/10 spilt. 90% goes to them, 10% to the artist and the artist has to bear all the costs. Not exactly a good deal for the artist

Bandcamp charges 15%. on what is sold. To have a presence there is free. On average those downloading music pay 50% more than is asked. Why? Because they know the money they pay is going into the pocket of an artist, not into the coffers of a faceless corporation.

Community supported music works. I am not surprised this guy gets no support when he asks for it as there is a total disconnect. That is why many once-famous-for-five-minutes acts, when they come off a major record labels and think crowd sourcing will fund our next album fall flat on their faces and what are perceived as unknown bands do well.

There has to be dialogue, interaction. Something Imogen Heap, Amanda Palmer, Steve Lawson and Paulo Coelho understand.

Imogen Heap uses crowd sourcing not for finance, but for ideas. She sought sound samples, film clips.

Amanda Palmer knows how to communicate with her fans. The days of I am the great rock star travelling around in a limo with smoked windows are long gone.

String Cheese Incident sought the help of their fans to fight ticketmaster and they got it.

When Steve Lawson toured the US, all the gigs were arranged through people who had downloaded or shared his music through bandcamp.

The price we pay for an album, say $10, is not the value we place on it.

Social media is the best thing that has ever happened to creative artists. That most have no idea how to use it, does not mean it is bad. A bad workman always blames his tools.

Not so long ago Neil Young referred to piracy as the new radio.

Remember payola? It was an illegal payments scheme where record labels paid radio stations to play their music. They paid them to play the music for free!

It is a basic fundamental given that most choose to ignore: We cannot like a piece of music until we have heard it!

And how do we hear a piece of music? Because someone chooses to share it with us.

What do we mean by success, how do we measure it?

Artists have been brainwashed by crap TV shows like X Factor that success equates to being a brain-dead celebrity, obtaining a contract with a failing major record label.

It is easier than it has ever been to promote yourself. The costs of recording has plummeted.

A better way of measuring success that people are listening to you and enjoying your music. How do you value that?

Artist do not die of poverty. They die in obscurity.

Note: Embed code for mashable video does not work!

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