Behold the Glory of the Discoverinator!

Something of a mouthfull, but basically it is a way of finding what you may like on bandcamp.

Not, I would add, the way I find music on bandcamp. I watch what is selling, as it is sold, and what is the top sellers. Plus other people’s recomendations. Though here I am very wary, as most people have appallingly bad taste. What I do not recommend is the staff picks, as they tend to promote garbage.

But it is a very clever way of finding new music and worth giving a try.

It was through Steve Lawson using Discoverinator, yeah I hate the word which in itself puts me off using it, and showing that it picked his albums, that I found Listen to the Silence. His own work I was already familiar with. Serendipity at work!

If you use Discoverinato, you are only going to find music in the genres you are familiar with. My method is more random and throws up what you would not have found. Throws up a lot of rubbish too, but that is life.

And it assumes you can categorise by genre. Most of the music I like does not fall into a category, or rarely does.

And it assumes what you like is on bandcamp. If a favourite artist is not on bandcamp, do as I do and ask why not? Maybe they have not not heard of bandcamp. Some take the perverse decision not to be on bandcamp.

Why? What? There are hundreds of thousands of albums on Bandcamp, but no easy way to browse through them and find your new favorite band. So we set out to build something that would take what we love most about traditional record stores — the serendipitous discovery that happens when we go to our favorite section and just flip through covers — and combine it with elements that are uniquely Bandcamp: the ability to listen to full streams, browse through every artist’s merch, see what the bands themselves recommend, and explore a deep and constantly expanding catalog of great independent music. That’s the Discoverinator. Want to hear the best-selling metal on vinyl this week? Recent indie cassette arrivals? The electronica most loved by the bands themselves? The Discoverinator delivers all of it and more. We’ve found it produces new and interesting results far more reliably than the barrage of what-our-friends-are-listening-to-right-now, and is just a hell of a lot more fun. Try it out at

How do I control which track from my album plays in the Discoverinator? In a few weeks we’ll launch a new album editor that allows you to pick a featured track (which not only means it becomes the one that plays here, but is also cued up first whenever your album is embedded). Until then, your featured track is picked automatically based on popularity. (Note that some accounts have the new album editor already — if you’re one of them, just edit your album, and click the star icon next to the track name you want to feature.)

What about mobile? Working on it!

Is there anything I can do to maximize my presence in the Discoverinator? First, make sure you’ve picked your genre, otherwise you won’t appear in it at all. You can do that from your Profile page. And if you want your merch to show up when fans browse by format (and who would not?), then edit your albums, choose “add package” and get to it (including photos of your vinyl/CDs/etc. is key — they look great here and will boost your sales). We also encourage you to add a bio image and make your own recommendations.

Why can’t I browse by? Good question, please tell us more in the comments. Thank you!

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