Standing in Silence Pt 3 (Niva’s tune) – Rhian Sheehan

From a simple melody on a music box played by a girl we are drawn into a landscape with a cherry blossom, from there on into a bleak industrial landscape.

From the album Standing in Silence by Rhian Sheehan.

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2 Responses to “Standing in Silence Pt 3 (Niva’s tune) – Rhian Sheehan”

  1. Misako Says:

    Wow… The first portion of the video looks like ancient Chinese arcady, with flying a phoenix around… to the bleak modern world, and then, to the sky…. Brilliant effect…

  2. keithpp Says:

    Wow! Yes, my reaction.

    I will post a live concert by Rhian Sheehan of Standing in Silence.

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