Band of Rain

Band of Rain

Band of Rain

Andrew Prince is a street musician I came across last summer playing in the cobbled High Street in Guildford.

He was playing a Chapman stick. Intrigued and because he looked desperate as though not eaten for a week, I picked up a copy of Band of Rain.

Big mistake. When I got around to listening to Band of Rain I was disappointed, bland, poorly recorded, though the album cover art is better than most.

Andrew Prince is a bass player. Methinks a few master bass sessions with Steve Lawson would not be a bad idea.

Andrew Prince is a classic example of a street musician lanquishing in obscurity and sadly destined to remain so.

On the street, he was selling Band of Rain for £10. This is far too much for an unknown album of unknown quality. It should be selling at a fiver maximum. People will then take a risk, more albums will be sold, and if people like it they will tell their friends.

On his website, not all of which works and the album cover is only there postage size, you can listen to the album, but only few second samples.

You cannot judge any album from few second samples!

Why is he not on bandcamp? I cannot understand why any artist is not on bandcamp. If he were on bandcamp I could share the album, judge for yourself, but not possible.

I would not normally waste time on an album not worth listening to. I only do so with Band of Rain because illustrative of the mistakes many artists are making.

Musicians do not die of poverty. They do die in obscurity.

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2 Responses to “Band of Rain”

  1. thefullmusician Says:

    Good points. I am always urging everyone I know to get onto Bandcamp. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t join up, unless they haven’t heard of it.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I could not agree more. I cannot understand why any musician would not be on bandcamp unless they have not heard of it as it gives them such a good deal, not only a good deal for them but also for the people who may like their music and tell other people about their music.

    Some people are simply perverse.

    Andrew Prince has also recorded and performs with Anthea Neads. She knows about bandcamp because I told her. For my pains I was blocked for ‘posting negative comments’!

    They have posted on yourube videos of appalling sound and video quality (probably recorded on a mobile phone) which do not do them justice.

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