The Diamond Jubilee Service and Procession

Royal Family on balcony for salute and flypast

Royal Family on balcony for salute and flypast

First Tuesday of the month, farmers market in Guildford. It was to be a special Diamond Jubilee celebration. It rained, it was cold, I missed it.

Sadly I only caught the tail end of the Royal Carriage Procession, as they offloaded around the back of Buckingham Palace.

Ghastly BBC celeb presenters on the streets with their plastic smiles. Do they really have to treat everyone as Sun readers? Yes I know, Sun readers is something of an oxymoron.

Watching the crowd slowly walk through Admiralty Arch down The Mall quite impressive.

Queen leads Royal Family onto the balcony looking very elegant in a silver white coat. Kate in a cream dress once again looking stunning.

The grand finale a flypast by 18 aircraft. Not only the end of the day but the end of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was not expected to take place due to the dire weather, but it did.

Flypast led by a Dakota flanked by aircraft, followed by a Lancaster flanked by four Spitfires with a Hurricane brining up the tail I assume from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight based in Lincolnshire, followed by the Red Arrows again based in Lincolnshire. Quite an impressive sight as they flew down the Mall.

Vladimir Putin must have been weeping into his vodka. If only, could get such an enthusiastic crowd in Red Square.

Could Barack Obama travel through Washington in an open top carriage?

David Cameron said it brought out the best in the British. Maybe, but what it did do was show the ConDem government at their worst. Unemployed were bussed into London and forced to work as stewards for nothing, sleep under London Bridge. If people wished to volunteer as stewards that is fine, but not forced labour.

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