The Diamond Jubilee Concert



The Diamond Jubilee Concert took place outside Buckingham Palace, part of four days of Diamond Jubilee celebrations to mark 60 years on the throne of Queen Elisabeth II.

The concert opened with Robbie Williams.

One song, then some jerk talking drivel wasting time.

A lot of the acts were unbelievable crap, Jessie J, JLS

Jessie J was summed up for me by a clone in a seedy bar in Protaras in Cyprus! I say clone as what is their to pay tribute to? The same bar had clone Lady Gaga, clone Amy Winehouse. The originals are bad enough, why would anyone wish to copy them. why on earth would anyone other than English whose idea of music is X Factor wish to sit in a crap bar listening to crap music?

On the other hand, Shadowboxer did a brilliant cover of Price Tag.

Another seedy bar had, now don’t laugh, X-factor winner! Yep, X-Factor does wonders for a career in music!

Anyway, enough of caustic asides, back to The Diamond Jubilee Concert …

JLS followed by a female talking drivel.

Gary Barlow (cannot stand) and Cheryl.

Interesting design of diamond stage and wrap around seating with Royal Box in the middle.

Amazing looking down the Mall and seeing it lined with people. Those who has tickets for the stage, also had a soggy picnic in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

More drivel, followed by Cliff Richard medley.

Did we really have to these idiots talking rubbish between the acts. Were they supposed to be funny?

Lang Lang on piano. Bloody awful noise for intro. As was most of the rest of his performance. Gershwin was ok but I have heard far better. Give me Imogen Heap or Fazil Say any day.

Irritating female from earlier back again talking drivel.

Opera singer Alfie Boe. One of these bloody awful pop-opera crossovers.

Lenny Henry not funny, but used to be.

Jools Holland, at last someone with some talent. Joined by Ruby Turner. So far first good act.

idiot who introduced the concert back again talking drivel.

Grace Jones has talent, but what an awful outfit, looks like a drag queen. I am impressed by hula-hoop whilst singing.

Now two idiots talking drivel.

It’s getting worse. An unknown on acoustic guitar who can neither sing nor play.

I have never in my life seen a concert as dire as this.

Annie Lennox used to be good, but this is very poor performance.

Where on earth are they digging these people up from? Rolf Harris?

American soprano Renée Fleming a welcome relief to what has gone before.

Idiot back talking drivel.

Tom Jones, a Welsh boy with talent. Fantastic performance of Delilah. Loved the Spanish acoustic guitar. Sends shivers down the spine.

Tom Jones is in a different league to what has gone before!

Lenny Henry back talking rubbish.

Very smart outfit the Queen wearing just escorted into Royal Box by Prince Charles.

Robbie Williams back. Tom Jones a hard act to follow.

This is becoming bloody ridiculous. Robbie Williams one song, now Rolf Harris back talking drivel.

Gary Barlow has done nothing special travelling the world finding musical talent. Playing for Change have been doing this for some time connecting together street musicians, and finding better talent.

Idiot back talking drivel.

I am no fan of Shirley Bassey, but even she stands out as talent compared with most of what has gone before.

Kylie in a league of her own! Her concerts are amazing performances!

Idiot back talking rubbish.

Soprano Renée Fleming and tenor Alfie Boe on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. She has a fantastic voice. Shivers down the spine!

Idiot back talking drivel.

Classic Elton John! Passed his best, and yet still far better than most of what has gone before. Princess Diana would have loved it! Shivers down the spine!

Rolf Harris back. Err!

Excellent film footage of Queen Elisabeth 60 years on the throne.

Lenny Henry talking rubbish.

Soul legend Stevie Wonder. Disappointed. Very mediocre performance from Stevie Wonder. Last number better.

Artists not enough time to warm up and give their best.

Prat back talking drivel.

Madness. More bland, mediocre rubbish.

Another idiot talking drivel.

Paul McCartney, a real rock n roller, a great live performer! Brilliant Live and Let Die, fireworks and laser display.

Paul McCartney rescued what otherwise was an unbelievably bad concert.

Queen looking very elegant in gold dress. As with Kate previous day at River Pageant, style!

Excellent and moving speech by Prince Charles.

The concert ended with the Queen lighting the last of the beacons, the National Beacon, followed by a firework display set to music. Beacons were lit across the world, not just across the UK.

Last summer we torched our towns and cities. This year we lit beacons.

Why did BBC roll the credits obscuring the end of firework display?

Sound quality was unbelievably bad. That on radio 2 was a little better, but still not good and out of synch with that on BBC One. That on BBC One awful.

20,000 had tickets for the concerts, tens of thousands more in the Mall.

Whose dumb idea was it to let Gary Barlow organise this concert? A man of zilch talent, from a pathetic boy band, and clearly of zilch musical taste.

The concert should have been a few talented artists each given half an hour each.

This has to rate as one of the worst concerts I have seen. A few good artists who were in a league of their own, dragged down by rubbish.

What we saw was a concert aimed at the X Factor generation.

Good was no corporate sponsorship. Bad was unemployed bussed into London, forced to work as stewards for zero pay, then told to sleep under London Bridge. This is how modern Britain under a ConDem government treats the most vulnerable in society.

Last night people could not get home from the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, and it finished late afternoon. How on earth are people to get home tonight? Once again we are let down by our crap privatised public transport.

Four days of Diamond Jubilee Celebrations end tomorrow, ie Tuesday, a thanksgiving service at St Paul’s Cathedral at 9-30 in the morning, then a carriage procession at 2-30pm in the afternoon. There should be a flypast but it may not take place due to poor weather conditions.

No 1 Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Tuesday 5 June 2012).

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13 Responses to “The Diamond Jubilee Concert”

  1. Jay Says:

    Agree about sound quality it was dreadful!

  2. bobble Says:

    My worst fears for the Olympics look like they will be borne out….

    Who told Lenny Henry he was funny….? Why do we have American acts on what is supposed to be a celebration of Her Majesty and the Commonwealth?

    Why no Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis.. bloody Fijians???

  3. Ceebee Says:

    Very disappointing sound quality. Imagine it was great to be there but the sound was dire on TV. Stuck with it till the Opera guy tried to jazz it up. Just had to switch off at that point.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Lenny Henry was funny over 30 years ago when unknown. Sadly not now.

    Were those other idiots supposed to be funny?

    The only people who had any sense of humour were Paul McCartney and Prince Charles.

  5. Pauly boy Says:

    well my overall view of the golden jubilee concert was a great triumpth ! Did i like all the acts ! No , however i thought it was a great mix and had something for everyone ! Now im not adverse to a little humour however when its poked towards our queen mmm ! Lenny henry what was he thinking ? When he went on about the queen as she just sat down after turning up halfway through it made me so uncomfortable ! I think the fact she turned up even halfway through was amazing her husband had been taken ill in hospital shes a woman in her mid eighties and i quite frankly think the queen is amazing fantastic and just adorable rhe makes me prnud to be english ! I would like to wish the queen good luck and gond health and may she reighn for many years to come god save the queen!

  6. Steve Says:

    Agree 100% I expected more than several ‘past it’ artists trying to reproduce the talent they have obviously lost. Sound, awful. So called comic introductions, awful. Camera work, too fast to take in. Overall feeling, embarassing!!!

    Hope we can do better covering the Olympics. If not I am emergrating!

  7. Ken Woodward Says:

    Musical content….its personal taste + obviously some are better than others!

    think… why do they have chatty links?… change artistes of course, it was a fairly long walk? yes ( you need a beginners lesson in production management) Wogan was busy on radio 2!

    sound mix sounded ok at home in surround sound, vocals particularly good.There were some technical issues with digital overload, but it is a live gig these things happen. 9 out of 10 from me.

  8. keithpp Says:

    Musical content a matter of personal taste? No or rather yes, bad taste v good taste. Most of the acts were rubbish. I could count on one hand and that is not including my thumb those worth watching.

    The chat between acts was dire and moronic. Aimed at the level of Sun readers. And yes, Sun readers an oxymoron.

    And yes, there is a pause between changeover and the techies are to be congratulated for their slick changeovers.

    Why not poetry reading? Live poetry reading is now quite popular. Catherine Brogan reading her poetry would have been brilliant, but I doubt she would appear at an event like this.

    Surround sound from the likes of Curry’s, Comet, is not high quality. People are used to listening to lofi, lossy, highly compressed mp3 and have no idea what is high quality sound. Neither sadly have most music producers and sound engineers. And no, you do not get quality sound from a cheap mp3 player through cheap earphones.

    Anyone who thought the sound was good either has poor sound equipment, a problem with their ears or brain. Probably all three.

    Go to a site like bandcamp. Find music you like, listen to the entire album in mp3 128, then download mp3 320 and FLAC and compare all three. If you cannot tell the difference then there is something wrong with your sound equipment, ears or brain. I am assuming a quality recording. [see mp3 v FLAC]

    Or download music by Imogen Heap. Or watch the Shadowboxer live studio recordings at Surrey University.

    As I write I am watching a rebroadcast of the concert, or at least edited highlights, basically they have edited out most but sadly not all of the crap. This would have been worth recording, but not last night.

    Listening to Tom Jones, Robbie Williams swing classic Mac the Knife and the Gary Barlow massed Commonwealth choir, the sound quality is much better.

    X Factor and its clones has a lot to answer for in the dumbing down of musical taste. The major record labels looking for the latest one hit mega blockbuster also have a lot to answer for.

    English need to get out and about more an experience real music. Failing that go to a site like bandcamp.

  9. joe Says:

    I enjoyed your blog post and found everything you said about the music acts was right on target.

    I only disagree about Kylie not my thing and I know it’s more a UK thing. In the states she’s mostly unknown except that one hit a few years a back.

    I agree about Annie.

    I think it’s more a case of she’s sidetracked her music with her global causes. And it’s hurt her performing. Time she got serious about new music and singing live again. She really needs to hook
    up with Dave again. But this had to be one of her worst performances I’ve ever seen and on such a big stage made it more disappointing.

    But she is Annie Lennox and she will be back and impress.

    I could not believe with all the amazing talent the UK has why they overlooked loads of great artists. 95% of those acts should be playing the local fairs not performing for the Queen. It was awful.

    Thank god for McCartney. Even at his age he is still just great.

    It pains me to think though of how many greats could have been there and were not.

    And why the hell there were “any” Americans performing is beyond me. And I’m an American. lol The need to add Americans to the list. Just bizarre.

    Where was Adele.

    The best act to come from the UK since Annie Lennox and Eurythmics. Talent, Amazing Voice, Songwriter, Depth and Massive Record Sales, Great artist and not there. Great move to not include her.

    It would have been fun to add Kiki Dee with Elton.

    Everyone loves that song.

    Where were the bands from the early 80’s.

    No Human League or any of the other greats from the 2nd golden era.

    Where were some of the big acts from the first wave in the 60’s.

    The strangest concert I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I watched most of the clips on youtube. In the states US tv edited it heavly and delayed by a day.

    Actually with this concert it might be a good thing. lol

    I’d say though the biggest slap in the face for not being included had to be Lulu. She’s recorded hits, toured with the Beatles, UK tv star, performer and still sounds great. Everyone knows her and yet she’s not included. Simply bad form by the hacks who put it all together. And if that was Barlow than he’s an idiot as she had that big cover song hit 20 years ago with Take That.

    He should have include her.

    These gigs never please everyone but like you said someone with good taste should have been hired for such a special and global event.

    I might have enjoyed the concert more if they had included Ozzy and he dueted with Cliff Richard. lol

    Your blog was excellent.

    And I applaude your politics.

    Taking the leaders to task for using and abusing those with little or nothing!

    Best to you!


  10. keithpp Says:

    I am surprised I like Kylie. Pop. But if you ever see one of her shows she is an excellent performer, she has great backing musicians and dancers.

    Adele an odd choice not to pick, also Dido.

    But you may find they were asked and said no. Why appear for one number?

    It was almost like watching a talent show. Yes, thanks very much, we will contact you. Next!

    Yes, Stevie Wonder was a strange choice. An American! I suspect bums on seats. If Stevie Wonder why not Madonna? If no Americans, it cannot be sold to US networks.

    Stevie Wonder did not get chance to warm up. Certainly not at his best.

    A decade ago Annie Lennox did a brilliant show, possibly with Dave. Sunday night she was flat.

    Paul McCartney saved the night. He is a rock n roller through and through. Also note he had his own musicians.

    The 1980s were a low point for British music.

    Watch the Brit Awards. I did once. Awful. Awards given to people lacking any talent.

    It is often said the music industry is in crisis. Piracy is killing music.

    Neither statement is true. The big record labels are in crisis. Music is thriving. There is good music around. When you find it, copy it, share it with your friends, spread the word. The one place you will not find it is on X factor, a platform for dross, wanna be celebrities.

  11. Brian Brett Says:

    All that build up and It was a Load of Rubbish singers who could no longer sing

  12. keithpp Says:

    Sadly true. I could count on one hand (and not including my thumb) the acts worth watching.

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