Manuscript Found in Accra

Weird, I am shutting down all my windows and I find this hidden beneath all the others.

Where had it come from, I have no idea.

What was even weirder, the last window I closed was of The Eight which I am half way through reading. It is set at the time of the French Revolution and 1973. It concerns the Montglane Chess Set, played by Charlemagne.

O Manuscrito (The Manuscript) latest from Paulo Coelho, not yet published, in which a writer transcribes a manuscript found in 1307 and 1974 in Egypt by a British archaeologist

Manuscript Found in Accra is due to be published in Italy and the Netherlands (August 2012).

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One Response to “Manuscript Found in Accra”

  1. Panagiotis Regoukos Says:

    Indeed, nothing is useless on earth. Everything serves to maintenance and development of nature, or as feed for other species, or as lure insemination, either as balance in the ecosystem.
    But we do not believe that beauty (not that we do not seek beauty in our lives), so long as the reason of existence. Not enough to believe what we are to justify our existence on earth. Neither the course to be ourselves, because we always our self we are and no one else.
    The usefulness of plants, animals and other objects on the earth are always determined by man, because they do not have a conscience to do so. The man himself, determines its own utility and nature and society has created, through contributing to prosperity and better functionality, with cooperation in peace and mutual assistance between.

    See my page on Facebook : Dialogue with Paulo Coelho

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