Moment In Time‏

An album of a single track of 30, 50, 60 or longer minutes is acceptable.

An album of a single track of 7.17 minutes is taking the piss.

There are some, albeit a tiny minority, who think it ok to put an album of several tracks on bandcamp, but only make one or two tracks at most available to listen to.

No it is not ok. It is an abuse of bandcamp which makes it possible to listen to an entire album, not only enables sharing but makes sharing easy.

Maybe they fear those who like the album will share it with their friends. If that be the case they have little understanding of bandcamp and should not be there.

If they only wish to make a few seconds lofi sample, then stick to iTunes or spotify where everyone gets ripped off.

Vitamin String Quartet are a classic example of crass stupidity. They make some good music, but it seems they wish no one to listen to it, as all they make available is a few seconds lofi sample. The only reason I know they make some good music is because kind souls have done their work for them and uploaded to youtube.

There is a lot of rubbish on bandcamp, but also some good stuff too.

We judge a book by its cover, an album by its artwork. It is therefore essential that artists who have exercised great care with their music exercise the same care with their atwork.

Too many are let down by their cover art.

Moment In Time‏ is by no means the worse I have seen, I have seen some pretty atrocious album art, but it verges between mediocricy and bad.

Shadwoboxer produce good music, but let down by poor album art. I suggested an artist, they expressed an interest but then failed to grasp the opportunity. All that the artist was asking was that they mentioned her and the name of the work.

We all have the same opportunities. Those that bemoan the luck of others, and go through live so bemoaning, are those who fail to grasp the opportunities life has offered. On their deathbed, they regret a wasted life, but by then it is too late. We have to learn to read the signs, take risks, follow our dreams.

I am more than happy to share the music I find with others. Sadly not all make this posible or easy. Not all posses the foresight of Steve Lawson or Paulo Coelho.

There are though exceptions. Not all the music I mention is worth sharing. The only reason Moment In Time‏ gets a mention is to make a point, not for any music or artistic merit.

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