Weird weather

bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

bluebell (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

cowslip (Primula veris)

cowslip (Primula veris)

Monday a week ago, the last day of April, it was a lovely spring day. I made the most of it it and worked in my garden.

It was very much the exception not the norm for this year.

Officially we are in drought!

April 2012, the wettest April on record.

April 2012, if not the coldest, one of the coldest.

I worked much longer in the garden than I had intended. I had not been in the garden for days, I did not know when the next good day would be.

That night very heavy rain, thunder and lightning. It continued all morning. Luckily it eased off by late morning and I was able to head for Guildford for lunch and the farmers market (first Tuesday of the month).

The rest of the week, cold wet and raining. The weekend was very cold. Probably around 5 to 7 C maximum. Sunday was very cold. I popped out Sunday evening and it must have been close to freezing.

Monday I had hoped it would be dry. It was cold, then it started raining.

But it is May! It is more like winter.

Today I hoped it would be dry. But it had rained all night, the grass was soaking wet. I hate mowing wet grass, but it was getting long, had not been cut for a week.

It was warm and very humid. Slowly the clouds broke up and it turned into a lovely sunny day.

As the previous Monday, I worked in the garden much longer than intended.

Grass was mowed. Hard work when it is wet and it chews up the grass.

Bed for sweetcorn cleared, sweetcorn sown. Red in the bed by the fence, yellow and black by the front wall.

Beans sown, strip side of lawn, by lattice fence.

Runner beans var Scarlet Emperor.

French beans var Paralimni.

Cowslips are in full bloom, as are the bluebells in woodland area at the bottom of the garden. The patch of bluebells near the house, which have been out for weeks, will soon be over.

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