Crypt Covers | Dress You Up

A novel use of crowd sourcing, community supported music.

Oh OK, maybe not that novel.

I remember as a child, East End pubs in London, the man on the old Joanna, give me a song and I will play it.

Not as novel as Imogen Heap, using sound samples around which she weaves her music.

But at least they are interacting, not the here I am, famous rock/pop star, crowd screams/shouts/claps, whatever is appropriate.

Strange things are found in crypts. A recording studio?

Dress You Up, originally performed by Madonna, performed in the crypt by Hope & Social joined by She Makes War aka Laura Kidd.

The Crypt Cover Project once a month invites musicians down into the crypt and within a day they record a song and get it on-line the next day. These will be collected together into an album later this year, and hopefully available on bandcamp.

The song selections are crowd sourced, then random selection used for the final choice.

For May it was Madonna’s 1985 single Dress You Up.

The Dewarists travel across Indian, musicians collaborate to compose a song. In Leeds, musicians go down into The Crypt and collaborate to produce a cover of a song.

The Crypt is located beneath a 19th century church which earns a mention in the Bronte novels and has bells made from cannons from the Napoleonic War.

Hope & Social make music in their Crypt Studio and give it away free.

Latest album from Hope & Social is Cotton Wool and Knotted Wood a wonderful live acoustic recording.

Latest album from She Makes War aka Laura Kidd is Little Battles.

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