The Dewarists

local musicians provide backing on Minds Without Fear

local musicians provide backing on Minds Without Fear

Imogen Heap and Vishal Dadlani on the streets of Samode

Imogen Heap and Vishal Dadlani on the streets of Samode

I started to do well when I understood it’s not about being the best person in the world. It was about being me — Monica Dogra

The Dewarists is an exploration of the different musical genres in India, the boundaries between, crossing those boundaries and creating a fusion.

The Dewarists is a movement that recognizes and celebrates those who have changed the rules of the game. We identify and promote those individuals who have followed their hearts and shifted the paradigm through their original approach. The Dewarists encourages individuals to do what they believe in, because some things are just worth doing.

Imogen Heap collaborated with an Indian songwriter. She is noted for making music because she loves music, not to suit a market, a global record company. The result of their collaboration was Minds Without Fear, heapsong4, the fourth track on her album Heapsongs.

Imogen Heap headed The Dewarists Stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender in Pune, 18-20 November 2011.

What comes across very strongly with The Dewarists is the lack of genre, the love of music. A love of music that is spread through sharing.

Vishal Dadlani who collaborates with Imogen Heap to create Minds Without Fear admits to downloading pirate music off the net. Pakistani singer-songwriter folk music duo Zeb & Haniya who collaborate with Bollywood composers to create Kya Khayaal Hai say they learnt from cassettes passed around, they had no idea what the performers looked like as they never saw album covers, when they recorded something and put it on the net, it got passed around the Pakistani community in the US, then leaked back into Pakistan.

Writers write to be read, musicians perform to be heard. We can only hear music, acquire a love of music in all its genres, if we share.

Pakistani folk due Zeb & Haniya have no concept of genre. They simply play the music they like.

Genre is synonymous with market, like piracy, a straitjacket imposed by the major record labels.

For each programme in the series, you can download the song from facebook. Simply click like, give your e-mail address and you will receive a link via e-mail to download an mp3 file. It is not a facebook app, as I originally thought, bad news if it was. But it begs the question: Why not have all the songs on bandcamp, free to listen, free to download, and as high quality FLAC, not just low quality mp3 files? [see mp3 v FLAC]

India gets The Dewarists, UK the X-Factor and similar rubbish. The Dewarists explores music, we see how musicians work together. X-factor wanna be famous celebs, zilch talent, dumbing down of music, reality TV at its worst.

The Dewarists – season 1

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