Neglected Space (Heapsong3)

Beautiful spoken word set within a background of music.

Neglected Space (Heapsong3), the third track on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

The tracks of Heapsongs are crowd sourced, each is a community, collaborative venture. Each track has its own micro-site on the net. Each track has a story to tell.

England used to be a country of walled gardens.

A vegetable plot, a herb garden, an orchard, a greenhouse. All traditional, heritage varieties.

Not far from the Roundhouse, a Georgian garden, sadly neglected.

Imogen used this local garden for inspiration, raised awareness, funding.

2 minutes walk from my house there is a Georgian walled garden in need of a lot of help. In it’s heyday it was a kitchen garden at the peak of gardening technology. The size of a football pitch, with walls 4 metres high, inside growing amongst other things were pineapples in greenhouses. It’s had quite a history but sadly over the last 30 years it’s fallen into disrepair and mostly been neglected.

With the help of Clear Village and our ‘Garden Angels’ (volunteers) we plan to help to bring the garden back to life with the local community, putting spade to soil, as I wander about the garden putting pen to paper.

The piece I want to write is from the voice of the Walled Garden itself. A spoken word piece or perhaps a kind of collective voice for neglected spaces and abandoned man made structures. Being in the garden, I hear it almost sigh in relief with the news of this fresh enthusiasm. As if it’s been calling out to anyone who might catch it from dust, to fall in love with it again. As those of you involved breathe a new life into the garden, community and beyond, it becomes clearer to me what it’s been missing all these years and between spurts of getting my hands dirty, I’ll be penning these thoughts.

There’ll be the odd camera about, filming the making of Heapsong3 and the garden’s progress. I may occasionally bring in an instrument into the garden and see who steps up to the challenge of making a noise, or perhaps come up and record the sound of whatever it is you’re working on.

The volunteers working in the garden and Imogen wrote blogs as the work progressed.

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