Lifeline – Imogen Heap – Vitamin String Quartet

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap

Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap

Vitamin String Quartet perform a wonderful improvisation of Lifeline, heapsong1 on the album Heapsongs by Imogen Heap.

Writers write to be read, musicians play to be heard, and hope to make sufficient money not to be starving in a garret, but I do wonder with some musicians, some writers too.

To find Vitamin String Quartet Performs Imogen Heap on the Vitamin String Quartet website I had to trawl through pages and pages of albums. I think I was on my eighth or ninth page. Then when you get there, all you find is a few seconds lofi sample.

To hear their excellent improvisation of Lifeline, you have to rely on some kind soul doing their work for them and uploading to youtube.

On spotify they get doubly ripped off. It is the facebook model, used to collect personal data, a cut goes to the major record labels. iTtunes rips off too.

Sharing of data between facebook and third parties

Vitamin String Quartet are on their own independent record label, Vitamin Records, why therefore are they letting the major labels take a cut?

On the other hand on bandcamp, what people pay goes straight to them, you can listen to the entire album, sharing is made easy.

Were it not for a kind mention by Imogen Heap, I would not even know of their existence.

What the rest of their album is like, good or bad, I do not know as all they make available is few second samples of lofi.

I am somewhat baffled and rather concerned that a comment made on a web page on the site of Imogen Heap appears not on that page as one would expect but on facebook! Does this imply that accessing a facebook app, but not accepting, steals personal data as though one has been foolish enough to accept?

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  1. Elyse Howdershell Says:

    You might also like 2CELLOS! They cover everyone from Rihanna to Elton John:) Here’s their AC/DC cover!

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