“Me The Machine” Live Event

I quite literally stumbled upon this live concert this evening.

Today, Sunday 22 April 2012, is Earth Day. At 7-30pm BST, Imogen Heap streamed a live concert from her back garden.

I sadly only caught the tail end. I caught part of the première of Love The Earth and Imogen performing live Me the Machine (aka Heapsong6, the sixth track of the album Heapsongs).

Imogen was wearing gloves with sensors with which she was able to control the music.

At the end of the concert Imogen said the concert would be posted on the net. When it is I will add a link or embed the video.

The live streaming was available through her site. I do not recommend watching through facebook as you have to watch through a facebook app and these should always be avoided.

Synchronicity: Until this evening I had not heard of Imogen Heap. I was watching a talk by Steve Lawson (recorded in 2009) in which he gave Imogen Heap as an example of someone who made good use of social media. I thought I would check her out and that is how I came in halfway through her live concert.

“Me The Machine” Live Event
The Gloves – Live Event
Earth Hour 2012

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