The older sister’s question

Illustration by Ken Crane

Illustration by Ken Crane

When her brother was born, Sa-chi Gabriel begged her parents to leave her alone with the baby.

They refused, fearing that, as with many four-year-olds, she was jealous and wanted to mistreat him.

But Sa-chi showed no signs of jealousy.

And since she was always extremely affectionate towards her little brother, her parents decided to carry out an experiment.

They left Sa-chi alone with their new-born baby, but kept the bedroom door ajar so that they could watch what she did.

Delighted to have her wish granted, little Sa-chi tiptoed over to the cradle, leaned over the baby and said:

“Little brother, tell me what God is like. I’m beginning to forget.”

Posted by Paulo Coelho on his blog.


2 Responses to “The older sister’s question”

  1. Ken Crane Says:

    Thank you Keith!

  2. Sheela Nandini Says:

    God,please tell me what Love is like? I have forgotten.

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