8.000.000 on Facebook: prayer or oração or oracíon

He cannot be well known can he? Or he is not popular. – Waterstone’s Guildford

eight million

eight million

August of last year I asked in Waterstone’s in Guildford why Aleph by Paulo Coelho was not chalked up on their board of new releases.

The reply was unbelievable:

He cannot be well known can he? Or he is not popular.

I walked out in disgust.

Aleph was published September 2011. It was not on display in Waterstone’s.

Paulo Coelho in Waterstone’s and the author the publisher forgot

The paperback edition of Aleph came out last month. Again not on display in Waterstone’s.

Aleph now out in paperback!

Aleph is currently published in 74 countries, Paulo Coelho the most translated living writer.

Bookshops in Bassano del Grappa were a breath of fresh air, especially Libreria Palazzo Roberti, a former palace where Napoleon once slept the night.

Bookshops in Bassano del Grappa

On Sunday Paulo Coelho passed 8 million friends on facebook. Not bad for a writer not well known or not popular!

By common consensus Paulo Coelho has proposed the following for 6pm local time today (Wednesday 4 April 2012):

This past Sunday, when I asked for your suggestions on how we should celebrate reaching 8.000.000 friends on Facebook, the vast majority of you suggested we should say a prayer at a particular time.

Therefore, on Wednesday, April 4, at 6:00 PM (always your local time) I encourage you to say a prayer.

In my prayer, I will ask:

A] For myself. May God guide me and inspire me for the years to come.
B] For my family and friends on Facebook. May God allow all of them to follow their call, their Personal Legend.
C] For my work. May I always be an instrument of the Light.

As we are in different time zones, I strongly believe that the Planet will be filled with light and prayers during 24 hr.

If you don’t feel comfortable with praying, a random act of kindness during the day will certainly be very helpful to humankind.

I will attend an evening service at St Mark’s. It will not be 6pm but a little later. I will light a candle (maybe more) for Canon Andrew White (for his work in Iraq), for Paulo Coelho (thanks for his writing and the wonderful St Joseph’s Day party at which I was his guest last month), Mio Baba (for a wonderful three days together in Bassano del Grappa). I will donate a book to the church library.

Please join us. Tell your friends. A 24 hour wave of prayer and kindness will roll around the world.

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