Lunch in Bassano del Grappa

lunch in Bassano del Grappa

lunch in Bassano del Grappa

slices of cold beef and salad

slices of cold beef and salad

sardines and onions

sardines and onions

It is hard to believe that two weeks ago, my Japanese friends and I were having lunch in Bassano del Grappa.

It was a cold miserable day. We set off late morning as it was raining in the night and still raining after breakfast.

Cold, dull and cloudy, cold wind blowing. Occasionally a weak sun tried to break through and we felt a little warmth on our faces.

Bassano del Grappa was empty, no one about, everywhere closed.

We traipsed up and down side streets trying to find a little bar cum restaurant I had spotted the previous day, but we could not find it. Eventually we settled for a bar cum restaurant in the Castle Square.

We went inside, but found it too dark, gloomy and stuffy. We sat outside, but not for long, it was too cold, we went back inside. As we went inside I noticed it was very black all around.

Ken and I had sardines with onions, Yumi and Mio thin slices of beef with salad. It was good, but pricey for what it was.

As we were eating our lunch, I noticed it was getting very dark outside, Yumi heard thunder.

I looked outside. It was pouring.

We were holed up in the restaurant. There was no way we could make a move and set foot outside, we would have been soaked to the skin.

It was St Joseph’s Day (19 March 2012), we were due at Montegrappa for launch of The Alchemist pen, a collaboration between Montegrappa and Paulo Coelho.

Eventually it eased off. We decided to make a move as we had 20 minutes to get to Monetegrappa for their launch of The Alchemist pen and we had no idea how far it was to walk.

It had eased off, but by no means stopped. It was still heavy rain, water was running down the streets.

We made it to Montegrppa and squeezed in at the back, just as their press conference started. We must have looked like drowned rats, we were soaked, water was dripping off us, but we had made it.

Montegrappa launch The Alchemist pen

Later we had a tour of the Montegrappa facility, then in the evening a St Joseph’s Day party at a medieval Venetian castle.

Montegrappa factory tour
Paulo Coelho’s St Joseph’s Day Party at Castello Superiore di Marostica

For Mio, the day was a dream come true, as she met Paulo Coelho.

A Japanese girl’s dream come true

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