Is Paulo Coelho following me?

Is Paulo Coelho following me?

Is Paulo Coelho following me?

Are you following me? — Rudolf Schenker

Big Brother is watching you (the magazine is alive…) — Paulo Coelho

Rudolf Schenker relaxes on tour, opens a magazine, and there is Paulo Coelho staring out at him.

Two weeks ago we were both guests of Paulo Coelho at a St Joseph’s Day party in medieval castle. In the early hours of the morning we had a special treat of Rudolf Schenker and Paulo Coelho performing together Rock Like a Hurricane.

Synchronicity: Unbeknown to me at the time, the tweet by Rudolf Schenker coincided with me posting a film of Paulo Coelho travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway.

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2 Responses to “Is Paulo Coelho following me?”

  1. Mirela Baron Says:

    I love that one ! 🙂 I guess with me it happend even in dreams.

  2. jgottling Says:

    Well Paulo seem to be everywhere …… is he a magus *LOL* ?? 😉

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