Our last day together in Bassano del Grappa

Mio about to set off for Bassano del Grappa

Mio about to set off for Bassano del Grappa

my wonderful travelling companions setting off for our last day in Bassano del Grappa

my wonderful travelling companions setting off for our last day in Bassano del Grappa

It was our last day together in Bassano del Grappa. The next day it was Venice.

It was the morning after the party the night before. We got back at 3-30am in the early hours of the morning from Paulo Coelho’s St Joseph’s Day party. I awoke not long after 6am. I felt dreadful, my head would not stop throbbing, but somehow I dragged myself down to breakfast, not that I felt like eating anything.

My Japanese friends had not yet made it to breakfast. My Russian friend Dasha had made breakfast. She had got in at 3am, and asked what time did we get in.

No sign of my Japanese friends so I went for a walk to Villa Bianchi (arch A Palladio), a 16th century Italian villa.

On my return, Dasha was packed and ready to leave. We said our farewells.

Ken and Yumi had made it to breakfast, but as yet, no sign of Mio.

Ken and I walked to a nearby bank. No luck changing Yen. They suggested we try banks in Bassano del Grappa.

On our return we chatted to a film maker who was preparing to leave. Yumi made her an origami figure of a crane.

Mio was now up. As Ken and Yumi did not wish to go out until later, I suggested to Mio we walk to the nearby church, it was too lovely a day to waste.

Mio agreed. We walked to the church, then up a mountain. It could not have been a more enjoyable walk, very peaceful and quiet, the only sound that of birds singing and the rustle of lizards in the leaves as they scurried away on our approach. And I could not have wished for a lovelier walking companion.

A walk to a church then up a mountain

On our return we found Yumi and Ken were now ready, so we set off for Bassano del Grappa.

I found a stick, which I gave to Ken. He found it an ideal walking stick.

A man who had spoken to us the previous day stopped and chatted. He told us three types of grapes were grown in the vineyards, Merlot, Pinot and a variety I did not know, and that there was a winery in the villa, the wine exported all over the world. He suggested we take a look, though he did not know if there would be anyone there to talk to us.

We retraced our steps and walked into what I thought of as the farmyard. We found cases of wine ready for shipping, vats in which we assumed the grapes were fermented, large barrels for storage, but no one about.

We then carried on our way. We could not have hoped or wished for a better day.

It could not have been a nicer or more pleasant day for our last day in Bassano del Grappa. We set off in good spirits.

Our day in Bassano del Grapp was though a somewhat wasted day.

It took most of the afternoon to find a bank that would change money, or at least that would change Yen.

We then decided to eat a pizza. Could we found a pizza place? Sadly not. We did not find a pizza place until around 7pm.

By now I was cold, not feeling very well and probably very bad company.

We ordered a taxi. Mio tried to keep me warm.

We ate that evening at Ristorante Alla Corte. I did not enjoy my meal. I was tired, not feeling well, and feeling miserable as the next day we would go our separate ways. I ate a little, then gave what was left to Mio

We had a bottle of champagne from the night before. I was for drinking it late night, relaxing after packing was done, but everyone was tired and wished for an early night, so we had it with our dinner.

Packing, bed, then train to Venice the following day.

No 1 Top Story in The Waverley Daily (Wednesday 28 March 2012).


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