A gift from Japan

a gift from Japan

a gift from Japan

I met my Japanese friends Yumi and Ken Crane in Bassano del Grappa, and they brought along the lovely Mio, who was a gift in herself, as such a delight was her company.

They had brought me a gift. What it was I did not know as I immediately took it up to my room to bring down Paulo Coelho books I had with me, which they were interested in seeing, especially Mio.

And there it sat on my bedside table, until a few days later when I was packing to leave. Not realising what it was, I almost threw it away. I then did realise, and packed it away in my suitcase.

There it lay, forgotten, until yesterday.

I dug it out and found a lovely bookmark. Hand painted and I think made of bamboo.

Thank you very much my Japanese friends for such a lovely gift from your country.

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