Spring Solstice 2012

recently dug vegetable patch

recently dug vegetable patch

bluebells coming into flower

bluebells coming into flower

my garden

my garden

Alice and her sister reading by the riverside

Alice and her sister reading by the riverside

I awoke to a lovely spring day, warm and sunny.

I mowed the grass, finished off digging one of my vegetable patches which I started a couple of weeks ago. Sowed broad beans var Bunyard’s Exhibition (scattered some compost over the row from old compost heap).

Daffodils which were in flower two weeks ago, were still in flower. Bluebells were just starting to come into flower.

Strictly speaking not Spring Solstice, as it was 22 March 2012, but near enough.

The next day it was hot. I went to Guildford and took a photo of Alice and her sister reading by the side of a river as a rabbit ran by and leapt down a hole. The picture was for my lovely Japanese friend Mio who loves Alice in Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll used to live in Guildford with his sisters. He sometimes read the lesson at St Mary’s Church.

Today it looks like another hot day. I think it will be a lazy day in my garden, once the washing is out to dry.

As I write it already 22 C in Wales and expected to hit 23 C!

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