Hotel Alla Corte

Hotel Alla Corte - Bassano del Grappa

Hotel Alla Corte - Bassano del Grappa

My initial choice had been Villa Brocchi Colonna but it was too far out and a little pricey.

I therefore decided on Hotel Alla Corte, a little way out of Bassano del Grappa, but hopefully not too far to walk.

At the time of booking Villa Brocchi Colonna was No 1 on trip advisor, Hotel Alla Corte No 2. They then switched places, Hotel Alla Corte No 1 and Villa Brocchi Colonna slipped down to No 3.

On arrival I was a little disappointed. It was dark, I seemed to be in the middle of nowhere, far further out than I expected and on a busy main road.

I was tired, it had been a long day, and I had been up early with little sleep. I wanted a long soak in a bath to revive.

There was no bath.

A shower did though revive me.

I had a good sized room. The furniture old and solid. A large double bed, of a size for at least three people. A table, with a drawer. Two bedside cabinets with drawers. A low table with shelves. And a very large wardrobe, though strangely only three coat hangers.

In the room free safe, free fridge.

A good sized bathroom, but as already noted, no bath.

All very clean.

As I walked down to dinner, I looked out of a window and saw what I thought was the tower of a castle. Must be Bassano del Grappa, thought I, across the river.

I had intended to go out for dinner, but I was not near anywhere, and as I was to later discover, there is nowhere worth eating in Bassano del Grappa.

I therefore ate in Ristorante Alla Corte, which I noticed was popular with locals, always a good sign.

Many claim to be gourmet restaurants. Few live up to that claim. Ristorante Alla Corte proved to be the exception. The food was excellent and apart from one night when I dined out, I ate there every night.

After the meal Roberto offered me grappa, a local speciality.

Roberto went out of his way to be helpful, as did his staff.

In the morning, in the daylight, I saw my bathroom overlooked Villa Bianchi, a 16th Century Italian villa, my bedroom, ploughed fields and open countryside.

What I had thought a busy main road at night, had very little traffic.

A very quiet, peaceful location.

As I walked down to breakfast, to my surprise, what I thought was a tower, was a nearby church, the backdrop mountains.

The buffet breakfast was a big disappointment. Very poor. Little choice.

Associated with the hotel a little bar cum café, very popular with cyclists.

There is no lounge as such. A couple of sofas in the breakfast room, a couple of sofas in the reception area.

In the reception area some very good books on the locality, including one of stunning pictures of the Italian Alps, and useful literature on the locality.

In the breakfast room, on a table by the sofas, a selection of newspapers and magazines.

Free wifi in the hotel, but no computer. Roberto kindly let me use the hotel computer.

A very pleasant walk into Bassano del Grappa. About half an hour along the road, then drop down to the river and walk along the river with fanastic views along the river and of Bassano del Grappa and its famous bridge, Ponte Vecchio.

Apart from the poor buffet breakfast, an excellent unpretentious little hotel in a good location.

Note: Trip Advisor has made the mistake of lumping Ristorante Alla Corte and Hotel Alla Corte together. They need to separate.

Hotel Alla Corte – Trip Advisor

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