Fleeting visit to Venice







sad farewell in Venice

sad farewell in Venice

I had flown in to Venice, was about to fly out. I had seen Venice from the air. Could I really pass through and not see Venice?

I was on the train from Bassano del Grappa with my Japanese friends on the way to Venice. Me to alight and catch a flight, they on to Venice.

I decided to risk it. I stayed on the train with them to Venice.

The train passed over a causeway across the lagoon to Venice.

We alighted from the train. Eurostar trains in the station.

Most unexpected sight, out of the station and there was a canal, there was Venice.

We walked along the canal dragging our luggage.

Then sad farewells, me to catch the airport bus, they to find their hotel.

But at least I saw Venice!

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2 Responses to “Fleeting visit to Venice”

  1. Jeremy Gradney Says:

    Venice makes for a great destination. Looks like fun.

  2. keithpp Says:

    More than 70% of Venice has flooded after the city was hit by high tides, a strong southerly wind and heavy rain.



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