Montegrappa launch The Alchemist pen

Montegrappa Alchemist launch - Montegrappa/Susan Kime

Montegrappa Alchemist launch - Montegrappa/Susan Kime

Montegrappa The Alchemist

Montegrappa The Alchemist

Montegrappa The Alchemist - Montegrappa

Montegrappa The Alchemist - Montegrappa

I acknowledge the immense power of the pen. It is with the pen and the written word that I have been able to give life to my thoughts. Montegrappa has forged the most beautiful writing instruments in the world. — Paulo Coelho

Montegrappa’s exclusive creation celebrating Paulo Coelho’s best seller, The Alchemist.

The collection was officially launched in Bassano del Grappa on St Joseph’s Day 19 March 2012. VIP guests from all over the world joined the launch and then attended Paulo Coelho’s St Joseph’s Day Party that was held in the Castello Superiore di Marostica that evening.

We were there as guests of Paulo Coelho.

We arrived as the launch started at 3am, dripping wet as it was pouring with rain. We squeezed in at the back.

The launch was the first time Paulo Coelho had seen the pen. Montegrappa would not let him have a pen before the launch just in case he was tempted to show it to anyone.

A man talked about alchemy, but went on and on and was eventually cut off by Montegrappa. Strange we thought as the expert on alchemy was Paulo Coelho.

The pen is heavy with symbolism. A work of art and a delight to look at.

The cap and barrel represent circles or spheres, which stand for the seven alchemical processes. The chain of elements links the Sun with gold, the Moon with silver, Mercury with quicksilver, Venus with copper, Mars with iron, Jupiter with tin and Saturn with lead. They are represented through sculptural representations, with engraved symbols and ancient names.

The Alchemist pen is a limited edition of less than 2,000.

The Alchemist Pen will be issued in an edition of 1,987 fountain pens and roller balls in total, in honor of the year (1987) The Alchemist was originally published. The series will consist of 71 in solid gold (38 fountain pens and 33 roller balls), for the 71 languages into which it has been translated. Nine hundred pens will be offered in resin and sterling silver (450 fountain pens and 450 roller balls) to represent the number of copies in the first edition print run.

One thousand more pens will be produced in sterling silver with accents in translucent enamel. There will be four colors of enamel, representing the four elements: air, fire, earth and water. Only 125 fountain pens and 125 roller balls will be made in each color. Lastly, 16 pens (eight fountain pens and eight roller balls) will be produced in gold with diamond enhancements, the precious gems described in the Alchemist’s journey.

The launch was followed by a factory tour, many of the workers had books signed by Paulo Coelho sitting at their side.

In the evening a St Joseph’s Day Party at a Venetian Medieval Castle.

Montegrappa expected maybe a hundred people to turn up for the launch. By their estimate, over three hundred!

The Alchemist limited edition pen is destined to become the world’s most sought after and desired pen.

A Montegrappa pen is slow fashion, a quality handmade writing instrument that you value for life.

For Montegrappa the day also had another significance, they were celebrating 100 years of Monetegrappa, 1912-2012.

Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila on the Rich History of his Family Business
Launch of Montegrappa The Alchemist pen

Top Story in the Daily Soul (Tuesday 22 May 2012).

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12 Responses to “Montegrappa launch The Alchemist pen”

  1. karen williams Says:

    This makes me laugh – ironically. The Alchemist is a story about finding authenticity and freedom, and yet here we are seeing the story being used for commercial gain.

    I also laugh – ironically, because I haven’t got this pen. In fact, I am not using a pen but my computer keyboard to write the final chapter to my book TREASURE: A Soul Journey with The Alchemist. (revised edition).

    The Alchemist is a version of the Persian tale in the Arabian Nights, and it happened to me in real life. I am the real-life Santiago, and yet I don’t have this pen.

    I laugh – ironically again, because today is Good Friday. A man who didn’t have a pen, or write a book died today two thousand years ago for humanity.

    I wonder why Montegrappa didn’t bring out a JESUS PEN – after all, he is more famous than Paulo Coelho. Let’s get real folks.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I trust you will be giving your book away free. Placing an e-version on the net to enable free download. After all you would not wish to be seen making commercial gain.

    I look forward to finding free copies and finding free downloads on frostwire and frostclick.

    You would then be following the example set by Paulo Coelho, who is quite happy that his works be downloaded for free.

  3. laineestreet Says:


    Audi asked if Paulo if he would be in one of their commercials. He said, “sure” and arrived at the filming venue on the appointed day. When the filming was finished, he simply left. Audi called him to talk about payment for his work. He refused, stating, “This commercial will help my book sales as much as your car sales…no payment needed. A few weeks later, Paulo could hear two cars driving on the path toward his home – they were both brand new high class Audi sedans. One was driven into his driveway. A man got out, left it, got into the other sedan and was driven off. Audi had paid Paulo for his efforts.

    I am positive that this Alchemist pen is much the same. Paulo was given one of the pens and he was definitely humbled at the kind gesture. (Look at the video ” Launching of THE ALCHEMIST pen” on his blog.) Will this endeavor help more Alchemist books get into the hands of more souls who could greatly benefit from it’s magnificent light? I hope so. I’m sure Paulo feels the same way here.

    Is it unbelievably amazing that there would be people who would pay that much money for a pen? Oh yes. Perhaps the rich would benefit greatly from the simple power of this masterful work.

    FYI – I too am a Santiago. My whole physical and psycholigical demeanor has evolved over the past nine years. THE ALCHEMIST, Paulo Coelho, and alchemy itself have helped me to evolve from an extremely obese, 310 pound, negative person, into a happy, loving every second of life, woman who dares to risk and take life “by the horns” and ride it to its fullest extent. As you watch the video of the launching of THE ALCHEMIST pen, look at the smiling, filled with light, blond lady at the end and you will find me. Keith, if you would please, would you put the before pics of me that I sent you a while back up on your site to show true alchemy in a human? God bless Paulo Coelho and his wonderful story/s.

  4. keithpp Says:

    There are many companies that would fall over backwards to be associated with Paulo Coelho. He quite rightly turns them down.

    Yes Elaine, you were spotted on the front row, a face in awe.

    Paulo Coelho was genuinely humbled by The Alchemist pen.

    When you look at The Alchemist pen it is a work of art. It is also very clever in its use of symbols of alchemy.

    Montegrappa are justifiably proud of their creation.

    Looking around the Montegrappa factory it became apparent their pride at working there, especially our guide.

    I also noticed the lack of security. I raised this with our guide, and he said there was no need as they were all highly trusted employees.

    I also noticed many had Paulo Coelho books. They loved his books and had brought in their own personal copies, which Paulo signed.

    I wish there were more companies like Montegrappa, producing quality products, not those producing worthless trash, destined for a one way trip to a landfill site. which the mindless masses are brain washed into buying. That though is the difference between slow fashion and fast fashion. One produces something we cherish for life, the other garbage.

  5. karen williams Says:

    Hi Lainee – thank you for your comment.

    There are many ways of looking at certain situations. I am happy that you have found a great change in you life.

    But the truth is that Montegrappa’s motives are commercial and not spiritual.

    It’s not a good idea to mix these two things together, because the spiritual will always lose out.

  6. keithpp Says:

    Have you spoken to the creator of the pen, asked what inspiration he drew from reading The Alchemist, have you looked at the pen, noticed its very clever use of the symbolism of alchemy, talked with those who are making the pen and seen the pride they take?

    Of course not.

    Will you be giving your book away after all you would not wish it to be seen as a commercial venture?

    I doubt not.

    In Bassano del Grappa there is a wonderful bookshop, Libreria Palazzo Roberti, located in a palace where Napoleon once slept. Wander around and you are struck by the love of books. But at the end of the day they have to make money, else they will not be there.

    Read Love Wins by Rob Bell. It is amongst other things about creating heaven on earth. He makes the point money and wealth is not a problem, it is how it is made and how it is used.

    Jesus was quite happy for his body to be buried in the tomb of a rich Pharisee. It was not slung in a pit or a mass grave, as one would expect for someone crucified, a cruel and degrading punishment that was rarely used on Roman citizens.

  7. pandora999 Says:

    He (Jesus) didn’t need the tomb for long, it was just a quick stay …

    3 days

    He wasn’t actually buried in it.

  8. pandora999 Says:

    He (Jesus) was using the grave temporarily.

    He was never buried in it.

    He stayed for THREE days …

    as to whether he was happy …?

  9. keithpp Says:

    Strictly speaking entombed …

  10. estiru11 Says:

    realmente sería una delicia poder disfrutar de este bolígrafo para imprimir mi Poesía Alquímica en un papel en blanco.

    Maravilloso como todo lo de Paulo, muy agradecida estoy a su frase: sigue las señales para alcanzar tu sueño.

  11. keithpp Says:


    Un bolígrafo maravillosa para la escritura y una obra de arte.

    Sigue tus sueños ….

  12. dress batik Says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is great blog. An excellent read. I will definitely be back.

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