Strange dream

I was talking with the hotel manager. He offered to show me around their new hotel next door. I said not now, in the morning, later in the afternoon when I come in from the sun.

I was eating lunch. The tables werre small. I was on my own. Nearby were two girls I knew from a previous trip. Also not far away was another girl who I knew from a recent trip. My parents were there, they also had a table each.

Then a man sat with the two girls. I was really annoyed as I could have joined them but did not due to little space at the tables.

I decided to leave my lunch unfinished and walk to the sea. I walked and walked. Eventually I reached the sea. I passed a wood where an excavator was at work. I went back to have a look. It was digging out a deep dark pool.

Other woods I passed had excavators hard at work but I did not stop and take a look.

I walked and walked along the sea. I could not understand why I did not reach a place I knew.

Then I realised I was not walking by the sea, I was walking by a river. A shallow, fast flowing river. Not only that I was walking upstream.

I turned around. I found myself walking along a path like a canal towpath.

The path must have turned into a road, as I found myself in a car with a friend.

He slowed at a bend as the road was very narrow. An idiot chose to overtake.

We passed a large mansion, then turned into a mansion where my friend was living.

I did not know where I was. I could not understand why the road terminated at this house. I asked would he please take me back to my hotel. He could make use of the pool, and if anyone questioned who he was say he was a guest of mine and I had gone to bed as very tired.

I then awoke.

I was baffled. I had been out in Tenerife, not Devon as I thought in my dream. The countryside I walked through was like Devon. The hotel I thought I was at is by the sea set in an arid landscape in the Middle East.

We rarely remember dreams. We rarely remember we had a dream.

Sometimes I dream whilst awake. I do not mean day dreaming, when our mind wanders, I mean a dream, and yet awake, fully aware of what is happening around. And that awareness is not a dream as it is the same when I wake. I am aware whilst I am dreaming that I am dreaming.


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