Un día en Icod

El Drago en Icod en Tenerife

El Drago en Icod en Tenerife

Plaza Constitución en Icod en Tenerife

Plaza Constitución en Icod en Tenerife





Ayer un día en Icod en Tenerife.

Tenerife has a good bus service. From Puerto de la Cruz buses to all parts of the Island.

Bus 623 to Icod takes about 50 minutes, passes through the many villages and towns on the way.

I made a mistake, I should have carried on to Garachico, then returned to Icod.

There is not a lot to see at Icod. I made my way to the Dragon Tree, claimed to be over a thousand years old.

I found it was located in the old part of town, a church in the Plaza Iglesia and further on Plaza Constitución.

Quite an attractive and tranquil area. Old buildings, cobbled streets, cobbles the size of boulders, very old houses. A pity though traffic was allowed to pass through.

I would have liked to have gone in the church but they were charging 1€ entance.

The old buildings were all shops selling tourist junk. I learnt later from Alicia many coachloads of tourists visit in the morning, which luckily I missed.

The plan was have lunch, call my friend Alicia and she would then know where to find me.

Time was getting on, so I decided to eat in the one and only restaurant, which surprisingly was not expensive. Three courses for 8.50€.

First course salad or soup. I chose soup. Tasty but luke-warm almost cold. Main course chicken and mushroom or sardines with potatoes. The sardines were excellent, the pototoes were Canary Island potatoes, tasty but cold, with a dash of mojo rojo sauce, very hot and peppery. Dessert was rice pudding or coffee. I asked for tea and it came served in a crystal glass.

The plan was to call Alicia. Problem was restaurant had no phone!

I tried the public telephone. No Alicia.

I wandered down a long street. By now all the shops were closed. Siesta!

I passed a sign Maktub! A few minutes later I pass another sign Maktub!

Synchronicity: Never in my life have I seen a sign Maktub, I then pass two within a few minutes of each other. I had just finished reading The Alchemist and was due to give a talk on Paulo Coelho! Good omens indeed!

I find a restaurant, call Alicia, and whilst I am waiting order tea and cake.

Alicia takes me to Escuela de Idiomas where she has invited me to talk to English language students.

During a break between two classes, I go for a walk. I find a modern Catholic Church with lovely paintings of the station of the cross.

I learn from the second class, Icod is an an altitude of 400 metres.

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