Rebuilding my compost heap

compost heap

compost heap

I raked the leaves off the grass, then decided I must rebuild my compost heap.

It was looking very sorry for itself. Low and flat and sprawling.

It is recommended that you periodically turn a compost heap. I never do. To me it seems making unnecessary work for oneself. It is true, the outside will not have fully rotted. This does not matter. When you come to open up and extract the compost, you simply add what has not fully rotted to the new compost heap.

I chopped away at the sides to make the heap of smaller diameter, forked and loosened the top, then with the addition of some household waste, piled everything back on top.

It has been subzero for two weeks or more. A few days ago the compost heap was ice solid. I expected nothing to be living inside. To my pleasant surprise loads of compost worms alive and well. I hope they did not mind too much being dumped out in the cold.

Whilst I was working, a Robin came to supervise what I was doing.

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